Monday, August 24, 2009

So Coy

So Coy

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  1. Franklin treats you good.

  2. <_.>

  3. I’m confused. Man, their grammar sucks. Let me get this straight (thats wut she said), Franklin is married but flirts with Amy and Amy wants Coy’s number (coy being franklin’s wife) to tell her about his cheating intentions?

  4. Huh?

  5. This is not a conversation. This is the track listing of a Prince album.

  6. I’m a little unsure of Franklin’s definition of “treat you good” because being married and still trying to nail some drunk chick over a game of DDR doesn’t sound like “treat you good” to the drunk chick OR Franklin’s wife…

  7. To Bri Bri Bee Rat-

    Fucking BOOM.

  8. Amy knows the old saying “Think how you got him, because that’s how you’ll lose him”

    He also seems like a twat. Poor Mrs Franklin.

  9. Franklin, this is a PUBLIC FORUM, you moron. Your kids are going to find this in about two seconds.

  10. Isn’t Coy a guy’s name? I haven’t heard that one since the 1970s.

    But yeah, what Truff said. I dig Amy for not assuming carte blanche that Franklin is not going to treat her the way he treats his wife.

  11. why she keeps saying whats coy #??? whos that? just curious

  12. drinking and dancing…thats such a great idea…doing it while being white…not so much

  13. Ahhh, and now race enters the convo. Because I haven’t read enough race discussions already today on Lamebook.

  14. What does being white have to do with this?
    Anyway i dont really know whats going on in the entry because so many words are left out, and the ones that are there are misspelled.

  15. Wow what a fucking asshole.

    Yeah I’d totally wanna be with a guy who’s already married to someone else. How do jerks like this even find someone who’ll marry them in the first place??

  16. I love how the guy says “i dont care i want to be with u we are fighting”. That’s an impressive lack of punctuation. Also, the fact that he claims to be “fighting” with his wife, rather than “separated” from her, or whatever, makes it obvious that anything he plans to do with Amy will be so totally temporary.

  17. Amy, you need to say with ur skool.

  18. Coy’s a fish

  19. im not sure if the post or the comments are worse..

  20. im not sure which of the entry or the comments are worse?

  21. and i just keep posting like a fool

  22. STC – ok, but no need to carp on about it.

  23. pbr’s postings = QED …

    steve – not sure who’s the lamer of the two of us

  24. It’s a non sequitar statement- “i dont care i want to be with u we are fighting” doesn’t actually mean, ‘i want to be with you becuase we are fighting’- it’s just another bit of information. Wikipedia is great! (see what I just did there!!)

  25. In terms of them looking like dorks playing DDR while being white… In general Asians are the ones usually to be found on the machines. I’m not being racist, merely stating an observation. Being a nationality whose first language is not English may possibly explain the slightly stilted language here. And maybe my saying that is a tad racist?

  26. STC & Steve – There’s a plaice and a time for jokes like that!

  27. Smooth Franklin… smooth…

  28. Daniel – oh my cod, who do you think you are, sitting on your lofty perch? Ask STC – eel tell you: If you don’t like a pun, you’ve got no sole.

    Back on topic – I bet any money Franlin has a mullet.

  29. *Franklin

  30. jelly, that wasn’t all that racist. a lot of asian people do play DDR. however, i have a feeling that these are native speakers…in my experience, no immigrant can mangle the english language as effectively as we “real merkuns” can

  31. Can people stop trouting out all the fishy puns just for the halibut?

  32. I agree J, people should just Huss up with the fish jokes.
    I hope Amy got Cod’s number and gave herring.

  33. Coy is Soy’s older brother they are vegeterians why doesn’t her status have any punctuation

  34. Just… trying… to think of other kinds of fish…

  35. @Bri Bri Bee Rat – well done.

    Also, why would anyone call a fish? Who wants to listen to a coy carp?

  36. Damn should have logged on earlier – bassically unfor-tuna-tely all the good fishy puns are taken. Thank cod for that.

    I digress

  37. @Flip

    Coy is Soy’s older brother they are vegeterians why doesn’t her status have any punctuation


  38. lol wat

  39. Daniel, just shut your trout!

  40. Haha @ Flip!

  41. Is it wrong that the only thing I find disturbing in this post is Dance Dance Revolution?

  42. Bri Bri Bee Rat…funniest comment I’ve seen on any track in a while.

  43. How does it spiral from drunken dancing to mr desperate begging for her to sleep with him and cheat on his wife?

  44. aside from the terrible punctuations/grammar, doesn’t anyone else find her reaction to him remarkably sweet and refreshing? basically ‘no you’re married’ ‘you need to stay with your wife!” Coy’s gotta be a nickname for Cory or Cody

  45. What a very awkward conversation. I don’t think there’s something right about this Franklin guy. And it’s not just his horrible lack of grammar and punctuation that I’m talking about.

  46. aw, she never got coy # 🙁

  47. i hope this doesn’t spoil the fun of trying to puzzle it out, but i think she is saying “What has come over you?” (which does not have a rude meaning, thank you!!!). It’s another way of saying “Why are you acting so out-of-character that I do not recognize you?”

  48. This is serious going to throw her off of her Dance Dance Revolution game.

  49. @nevart: Thank you, that bit was bothering the hell out of me.

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