Monday, August 24, 2009

Mother Trucker!


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  1. runnin the train on some bitches

  2. huh .. his real pride is gone .. maybe now he’ll have to fall back on other “enlargement” methods .. poor guy

  3. I felt the same way when someone took my wing mirror off… I feel your pain 🙁

  4. Sorry, I did it. I also put a potato in the exhaust for a laugh.

  5. You and Colin should get a room Claire. It’s an accident; not a nuclear disaster for goodness’ sake…

  6. ps. Can you pull my head off before you cut my nuts off. Much obliged

  7. He owned a truck AND a train?! How could someone that loaded talk like Duke Nukem?

  8. Normally I don’t condone hit-and-runs…but for this fool, I’m willing to make an exception

  9. If he’s pissed off, he certainly didn’t convey it very clearly…

  10. So Colin, tell me how you REALLY feel.

  11. This site should carry a health warning , bet at least 1 has died laughing at all these fuckwits , oh Colin its a fucking car innit , insurance … yeah ?

  12. Hard to imagine that the thing Colin takes the biggest pride in and derives the greatest joy from is a piece of lifeless metal with wheels.

  13. Maybe it was the grammar police.

  14. You’d think he’d have taken the time to get insurance for something he so clearly considers the acme of his existence.

  15. His copy of Strunk & White was obviously destroyed in the accident along with his truck…

  16. I’m just glad the admins didn’t block out his gnarly rock’n’roll hand sign. I’m guessing he’s from Texas.


  17. oh, and does “run a train on someone’s ass” mean something different in Texas? He does call him a fagot [sic] though (OK, I know a fagot is a bundle of sticks, but I’m sure by the context he meant faggot)…

  18. Thank you, Daniel Larusso

  19. And then Colin threw his iMac across the trailer and beat his wife til dawn.

  20. At least he gave the guy a fair warning on facebook that he’s coming to rip his nuts off and shit down his throat.

  21. @ hfro – lol

  22. Annnnnnnnnnnnd he affirms my prejudice against truck drivers.

  23. Of course “fagot” is a French word meaning “homosexual” and is pronounced “fah-go”.

  24. Nice mouth, sir.

  25. Making a Texas joke about an idiot with a truck… how novel. The writers at SNL circa 1993 must be so proud.

  26. chuga chuga choo choooooo!

  27. Why does this nit wit think the person who hit his truck and ran is also a friend on his facebook account?

  28. …maybe his “friends” did it?

  29. 10 bucks says this guys truck had rubber truck balls hanging off the tailgate. And everytime I see someone driving a truck with truck balls, I hope someone hits them.

  30. I’m glad I hit your stupid fucking truck. Dickwad.

  31. This looks like the kind of note the participants on Judge Judy bring to court.

    She’s not going to rule in your favor, Colin.

  32. Firstly,not every yahoo with small testicles and smaller brain is from the South-I live in the Northeast,have lived south of the Mason Dixon as well and there are FAR more rednecks up here.Just sayin’.
    Secondly I happened to see a bumper sticker that says what I generally think so eloquently “Nice Truck,Sorry About Your Small Penis.”

  33. Because ripping your head and nuts off, and running a train over you isn’t bad enough, this badass motherfucker is gonna shit down your throat. Is it gross that I just had to lol at this point? I mean shit down your throat? Really?

  34. Aww, I feel bad for the guy. Maybe he does have a small pee-pee, his personality is obv questionable….he needs to have something going for him.

    P.S. Umm Yeah & Jello, Hilarious – you made my day.

  35. Tara T(its?)

  36. Apparently Colin is going to rape who ever hit his truck.


  37. He’s obviously happy about the situation.

  38. Wow. I am soooooo glad I didn’t leave a note now.

  39. Meanwhile, in other news, a train has been spotten being run over a man whose throat and nuts appear to have been slit. The man has been identified as the pied piper of Lamelin

  40. Lemme guess, Colin: You’re all out of gum?

  41. This reminds me of that Duke Nukem Ventrilo Harrasment. Colin would be Peggy.

    I’m all out of bubblegum, btw.

  42. It’s gotta be illegal to love a truck this much…

  43. RIP truck

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