Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tom, Tell Us How You Really Feel…


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  1. That girl needs new friends.

  2. The to and fro of the argumentative strands dance in the wind of the conversation…..and tom cuts through the tangle of quandries with simplistic brilliance….

    Tom FTW

  3. If you’re going to vent to your friends about the bad things that happen, make sure you tell the good things, too. If you can’t, then keep your mouth shut about your relationships. You shared the bad stuff, so they have every right to comment when it looks to them as if you’re making a stupid move because of your emotions. Especially when you shouted to the “world” that you were back together. Did you expect your friends to forget all the bad stuff just because you did?

  4. Tom to the rescue! -~O-0=

  5. Lmao at #3 😀

    That was funnier than the post itself.

  6. So has Brian let Cynthia down in a big way yet? I think it’s safe to assume he will have by now.

  7. Submitter here – actually, Brian ended up in jail a couple months later….and now they’re back together. The only reason I know this is her status updates provide wonderful entertainment

  8. haha the girls are being so girlish and in comes tom, so guyish.

  9. Tom for president 2012

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