Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good to Hear from You James…



James, yeah the family’s great, thanks.  You wonder why you never hear from me?  Because when we DO talk, you don’t say that your kid got straight A’s, you don’t tell me about your new promotion … you tell me CRAZY SHIT LIKE THIS!!  Anyway, talk to you later.

♥ The Editors

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  1. $50 says he’s the murderer.

  2. His screenname is AxeMurdererJames43

  3. Whoa… I agree with you guys. The way he ended that with “hope your family is well” (sic) is pretty damn disturbing, as well.

  4. Next post:

    O ya ur nxt lolz

  5. Do you know what “sic” is for?

  6. Candy Blackmail

    Um..why the sic?

  7. My only disappointment is the lack of ‘like’ applied here.

  8. Let us not dwell on the transcription errors of our fellow commenters.

    James is a dark silhouette. Not only photographically but emotionally. You can see it in the way he chooses to represent himself on the Internet. There are hundreds of people battling with the disease of depression in the United States, and many more hundreds around the world. This is not the foul cry of a murderer, as murder is often a crime of passion. This is a last-ditch plea for attention from a “friend” that has choosen to ignore the warning signs that James has given. While I highly doubt he was involved in the criminal slaying of Sarah–his morbid mention of this travesty should be a red flag as to the troubled state of this young man. Instead of further marginalizing him with mockery and accusation, we should embrace him with friendship and warmth. Building up the self-esteem of one will create a ripple-effect that will exponentially bring happiness to many more people.

  9. *chosen

  10. The casual “btw” way he tells of the murder is just spooky, followed by the family comment ::shudder::

  11. Even the invincible Mao can be brought to his knees by the mighty typo.

  12. : ) When you use a quotation that has grammatical errors, you follow it with (sic) to show that you used the original quotation, as it was written- mistakes and all.

    Upon request, I got this off of Wikipedia:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sic is a Latin word meaning “thus”, “so”, “as such”, or “in such a manner”. In writing, it is placed within square brackets and usually italicized – [sic] – to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation, and/or other preceding quoted material has been reproduced verbatim from the quoted original and is not a transcription error.[1]

    I didn’t know that you were supposed to put it in brackets and italicize it.

  13. Sadie, yes, but there was no grammatical error in the original statement of “hope your family is well.”

  14. Damn, mg… you’re right. My lord, I’ve been looking at facebook too long.

  15. Wow… I need to go brush up on some of the rules of the English language. I’ll be back after I re-take the S.A.T.

    *I’m not being sarcastic- I’m actually really bothered by this.

  16. mAO FTW!

  17. I said what what in the butt. I SAID WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT!

  18. 50….make it 10. Its too obvious he’s the murderer

  19. You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt?

  20. Fail.

  21. Maybe this was an ill-fated attempt to cushion some bad news. A slice of bad news between two bits of banal bread.

  22. I’d go for “Hope your family are well.”

  23. You’d be wrong to do that. Family is singular, and therefore “I hope your family is well” is correct.

  24. Candy Blackmail

    Whether family is singular or not doesn’t matter. “Your” is possessive indicating that the family belongs to her. “You’re” refers to “you are” which would make no sense in the sentence.

  25. Candy Blackmail

    Doh…my bad. Reading for the win! 😉

  26. You know- after reading over many of these posts, I have to wonder why we so often get into debates over proper/improper grammer. It’s kind of like arguing over whose turn it is to dump the bucket when the ship is obviously sinking. I was the one that started it this time, and I want to apologize for that. : )

  27. With all the grammar check here you’d think someone would have commented on the fact that he wrote

    “Did John tell you that Sarah had been murdered.”

    Which should end in a question mark rathe than a period. Lol.

  28. er, rather*

  29. Yes- I noticed that too, but I had already made a solemn vow to myself not to comment on grammatical or punctuational errors anymore, or misspellings. Damn! Yet I felt the need to say that I noticed it! I wonder if there are support groups for this?

  30. Nope – should be “My family are well”, as its not a singular when referring to a collective of people (unless they were using Americanised English)

  31. There are only one family. Does that sound right to you?

    A family is a semantic box with some people in it, and that box should be treated like a group. The group goes for a walk, the family goes for a walk. The group go for a walk? The family go for a walk?

    The people in the family, however, are obviously in the plural. So the people in the family GO for a walk. But the family goes for a walk.

    Got it?

  32. Lets ask the experts! (from Oxford dictionary

    “Should I use a singular or a plural verb with collective nouns such as ‘government’, ‘committee’, and ‘family’?

    Such nouns are used to refer both to a whole group as a singular entity, and to the members of the group. The context may therefore require flexibility: you might write:

    The committee has now come to a decision.
    but you could hardly use a singular verb in

    The committee have now taken their seats.
    (A pedant might insist on writing ‘The members of the committee have now taken their seats.’)

    In some contexts it is natural and idiomatic to use a plural verb with a noun which is singular in form:

    I have invited my family to tea and they are coming on Friday
    Leeds United are winning: they have just scored. ”

    ie not I have invited my family to tea and it is coming on Friday.

  33. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuu

    this isn’t lame. this is just plain fucking creepy

  34. I find this whole discussion about the grammar way more amusing than the actual original post. Hahaha! 🙂

    The scary thing is, I thought there was something wrong with it, too, and I was going to post that it was wrong, before I saw that it had already been brought to the light… but there was actually nothing wrong with it at all.

    Sometimes, even when you’re right, you’re still wrong.
    But when you think you’re right, but you’re really wrong, then you’re doubly wrong. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

  35. I think Desuko is on to something!

  36. actually cannot stop laughing,not the funniest of subjects i know but thats really tickled me.

  37. hey Pig Pocketer, glad you found that website that is the new overused “[insert stupid action] much” comment. Reread the sentence in which “sic” was used. Point me to the error.

  38. stupidass sadie

  39. I like how he says that Sarah got murdered right after saying that he is ‘cutting back’ on his friends.

  40. Sure he isn’t a cutter?

  41. @8 Chairman Mao, spare us your amateur psychology. my life has been shaped by a close family member with depression, and your particular brand of sympathy is obviously the un-initiated person’s sympathetic, kid glove approach to depression. I read the post and immediately thought it was posted by a person with limited social skills (although this does not mean the poster is socially inept, rather possibly low self-esteem), also possibly a facebook friend from school, 10 years later, which is entirely possible. in which case, this poor girl sarah may have been an acquaintance from school who was known by both parties but not well, explaining the low key depiction of the poor girl’s death. I speak as the daughter of a man who has severe depression and has been hospitalised due to this. as you can imagine, this has had an effect on my upbringing and personality. also, i have a degree in psychology, and another in social studies, so i would prefer to hear a person’s honest impression, rather than what a person feels is politically correct.

  42. Hope that made you feel good about ourself Butterfly……with your degrees in subjects you have stated you should know better than just dismiss someone in a petty attempt to make them feel small and lesser than you. Shame on you.
    But that aside…please, this is Lamebook not The International Psychiatric Symposium. Dont come in her puffing up your chest about someone making a throw away comment which was obviously steeped in irony and try and come across like they have commited some sort of crime against humanity.
    Either get with the programme and accept this is a forum for humour not seriousness.
    As unfortunate as it is for a member of your family to suffer it does not give you the right, especially with your educational background, to try and belittle someone and make them feel less about themselves.

    Now hopefully I will not have strayed into the realms of subjects I have no education in. However as with a degree and a masters in the engineering background I can say 2 things with great certainty.
    1/ Your sort arent a positive force in a forum like this
    2/ I think you’re a bit of a dick

  43. Butterfly and silvertone…. you guys are pathetic. It’s times like these when i wish there was a website to post crappy lamebook responses. And Butterfly, Why should we care if your life as been shaped by a “family member” with depression. Unless you actually have it you don’t understand. I actually *have* extremely severe depression, and I’ve had it most of my life. Stop making so much out of nothing. both of you.

  44. **cough cough Mao is a troll and Butterfly is an idiot for falling for it cough cough**
    Also, no one cares about your personal life.

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