Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh by the Way


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  1. Guilt trip much?

  2. Wow, the board blew today. The inmates are running the asylum. I’m going to go see if my television still works.

  3. Oh yeah, it’s not and STD, just a rash.

  4. yeah…gramps will be out of the bathroom soon so I can go in nd lock myself nd rand about my jealousy to myself in the mirror

  5. ***rant

  6. I never liked you, Jennie.

    You’re out of the will for your casual reference to my ultimate demise.

  7. Fuck!!!

    Katy, pack your bags, you’re going on a guilt trip!!!

  8. Lmfao @Jax.
    That comment is the best.
    && What’s with people who think it’s entirelu okay to casual mention that their family is dying/their gf is a c word, etc, etc ON FB,
    C’mon people.

  9. *entirely

  10. im having your baby

    ..Oh and by the way Jennie, when I see YOU on TV, look for ME in the obits! kthxbye!

  11. im having your baby


  12. What’s the betting that gramps will have a miraculous recovery just before she arrives?

  13. Katy: Jennie I miss you too, this trip is going to be so exciting. Oh by the way, I was the one who pushed gramps down the stairs. He’s a cunt.

  14. smooth. real smooth you stupid cunt

  15. @Busta Hymen HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG that was so funny. good job

  16. Jennie…Katy… why are the spellings always the best on Lamebook?

  17. Oh by the way….

  18. awesome. nuff said.

  19. Great at telling bad news… First she egos you up then BAM!, in your face..

  20. I like your shoes. Oh by the way you have AIDS.

  21. Was drinking when I read Boz’s comment and it nearly came out through my nose.

    thanks Boz!

  22. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    oh by the way…you’re a cunt

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