Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Always Time for Stroke Time

Stroke Time

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  1. Eats. Shoots. Leaves.

  2. I just hope he remembers to take his Warfarin.

  3. Someone get this kid a day planner so he doesn’t have to notify everyone when he’s fitting his private time into the day.

  4. Please tell me stork time is not what I think it is. I read it a couple times before this possibility even occurred to me. It was the “maybe in the shower” that made me think about it.

  5. It’s what you think it is. Stork time, just no babies.

  6. Maybe he means stroking a cat or dog.

  7. Or maybe he’s forgotten to take his rat poison.

  8. do you think he studies more than strokes?

  9. justin’s a fucktard.

  10. Maybe he’s going to listen to The Strokes?

  11. He mentions it more often so there’s hope.

  12. maybe he’s practicing his golf swing

  13. Maybe it’s *masturbating*

  14. Maybe he means an artery in his brain is going to become blocked and cause his brain tissue to die. Someone took the Facebook ‘when and how are you going to die’ quiz a bit too seriously.

  15. At least he doesn’t count masturbating as exercise?

  16. We should be happy for him – he’s just discovered his penis.

  17. What’s also disturbing is that he’s formulated this nickname for it…

  18. Do you guys think that he thinks he came up with a code that is impossible for anyone to crack?

  19. at this rate he must have a killer handicap

  20. Too many tenses its confusing

  21. Mature enough to tell the world about his masturbation habits, but not mature enough to call it anything remotely mature.

  22. Er, since when did it become mature to tell the world about your masturbation habits?

  23. Wonder if he ever whips it out absent-mindedly at the poker game or in the gym? “Damn, I misread my calendar”.

  24. wtf ?

  25. Stroke ’em if ya got ’em

  26. he needs less stroker time and more poke-her time

  27. this calls for a “NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW”
    or you know, ever.
    Especially not… that.

  28. Rowing practice?

  29. im having your baby

    I think he’s looking for a partner. any takers? stella?

  30. @Busta Hymen

    I guess I was a little too subtle.

  31. @Boz I completely missed your comment! Fair play to you squire. Fail for me.

  32. wouldn’t it be arkward being one of charls’s fb friends and having poker night with him. “so, what you doing tonight? oh, wait i already know… on with the game”

  33. Ah, nothing like a good old Study and semen sandwich!

  34. Recording class? Maybe he’s a bass player? I feel a fish pun coming on…

  35. #22
    You missed the point, boob.

  36. There is hope that with the study sandwich he’ll come across some information about what to share with the world and what to keep to himself. He really does study a lot. With patience he may be trained. Eventually.

  37. I bet this guy is STD free. There, I said something nice.

  38. Dancing with myself??

  39. @Busta Hymen

    No fail! I’m just glad someone got it.

  40. I can’t believe how much his guy studies. NERD!

  41. mooo

    eat grass, try to blink off fly, eat grass, stroke time, study

  42. lets hope he keeps it to ”stroking” so there won’t be anymore of him around..

  43. I love The Strokes.

  44. Lol oilydoily:-D

  45. the end has no end

    @12:51, me too!
    this post made me lol! and so did busta hymen!

  46. he probably has his watched set to stroke time. BEEP BEEP :D!!

  47. This guy is a regular ernest borgnine……and you havent seen the video…youtube that up..

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