Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Road Ragin’

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  2. Why would you care if you ran into the person you flipped off later? They deserved it, and if they don’t like it, tell them to drive better next time.

  3. mad2, some people hold grudges and are dangerous. You’ll find out.

  4. Steeeever, your posts make me happy. They remind me of a more innocent time when people were people and dogs were dogs.

  5. Passive aggressive much?

    I keep individually bagged dog poop in my car to fling at bad drivers…

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    I have a cooler full of fish in my trunk just in case.

  7. I find myself unintimidated, chris.

  8. I like Preston. He and I would get along fine.
    Plus, his car wouldn’t smell of bagged dogshit.

  9. Is “cooler full of fish in my trunk” the code word for your vagina?

  10. ^ yay

  11. If only I could

  12. How are we supposed to make this racist? c’mon lamebook, you don’t seem to taking black history month very seriously.

  13. The guy who cut her off was black.

  14. Preston is the closest thing to a genius I have seen on this site.

  15. There’s a bit of brown pixelness going on in Preston’s photo, you could go on that if you’re really desperate for a racism…

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