Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cage-Free Eggs

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  1. Lmfaooo simple and funny. Good yob lamebook

  2. You ate eight of the eggs overnight?

  3. Team Steever! PTM can kick rocks.

  4. @Beat – Either a big family or they did some baking.

  5. ^ Rush Limbaugh?? *Spits* Worst user name ever. I didn’t end slavery for your fat ass to hate on their ancestors. I may have been GOP, but I’ve still got more integrity than you tea party bitches, and I’m a hundred and fifty years DEAD.

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  7. Shit yea!! Team steeever! I want on the team.


  8. @Honest Abe – I realize you’re dead and all and may have suffered some brain damage from some, uh hum, lead poisoning. But you have your facts all wrong. The modern GOP looks at African-Americans (that’s the politically correct term these days) as individuals with all of the same rights and opportunities as any other person. It’s actually today’s Democrats that still treat them as inferiors, evidenced by the way they portray them as perpetual victims that can’t help themselves and can only get the basic necessities of life with help from the government. With all due respect, Mr. President, it is the Democrats who are hating on the slaves’ ancestors.

  9. Bitches please, I’m the daedric lord of knowledge

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  12. I can’t tell if divid13 is an unfunny parody of those stupid bots or if they are just mailing in their attempts at translation more than usual. I do get sizzly at the thought of my kinswoman making ten,000 USA bucks per month though.

  13. You hear that guys? Divid saw she made such sensible quantity, he became sizzly Oh, blah, I hadn’t noticed you made a reference to that already. Fuck it, I’m posting this anyways.

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