Monday, May 16, 2011

Rollin’ Old School

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Emily is a cold bitch…

  2. comparethemeerkat

    I like Luke. He make lol

  3. I suppose next week we’ll see a picture of Luke smiling and giving a ‘thumbs’ up with Granny’s casket in the background. Splendid. And he might as well have Emily posing with him.


  5. Somewhat muted Steeever.

  6. uranus1mcangus

    Luke is a sociopath

  7. Luke’s attempt at being funny failed miserably.
    How was he to know that the injury of an elderly relative was not a laughable matter?

  8. speak for yourself, riverside. i lol’d.

  9. Not feeling it Steeeever, are you tired?

  10. Emily: Hey, Grandpa, it’s Em. I found a wheelchair for you.

    Grandpa: Oh, bless you girl, that’s a huge relief.

    Emily: I’m glad, Grandpa. And it’s all pimped out and shit. Old bitches will be all over your wrinkly nuts when they see you cruisin’ Charlottesville in this motherfucker.

    Grandpa: Word?

  11. Lmfao @abba21

  12. I found this funny too. As much as my grandma struggles with walking nowadays, we still make fun of her and her pimped out rolling walker with fucking brakes and a cute little basket up front so she can put her goodies in it, and you know, if she’s flying downhill, she can use her handy brakes and slow her roll lol. She laughs about it so yea. Old people have a sense of humor too.

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