Friday, October 8, 2010

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  1. Saffer, those people really are an argument against evolution. And is it only me who chews lumps out of the furniture at the use of Baby Daddy and baby momma? Whatever happened to father and mother?

  2. TwinkleTwinkle is a dipshit. I enjoy reading all your commentary more than the actual posts. There should be a website dedicated to your bantering. I love it. Also, I threw up a little at the umbilical cord thing. Not gonna lie.

  3. Pedant, natural selection unfortunately favours whatever gets a species procreating, not intelligence.
    June, you should read Whitehead’s Process and Reality. And Pink’s stuff on free will. All the philosophy you need for ontology and epistemology.
    Then read Nietzsche because it is high quality entertainment.

  4. @Pedant (can’t decide what to call you yet) i also hate baby daddy and baby momma …. but you know what’s worse? the whole “we’re pregnant” which i’ve heard from a friend recently. We are not pregnant – I’M pregnant. There’s a baby growing inside ME. MY hormones are up the left. I’M the one being sick and going mental. I’M the one getting fat and never going to get that flat stomach back. ME, ME, ME …. it’s all about ME!

  5. @curly – I agree, “We’re pregnant” is wildly inaccurate. The father to-be should, at best, stand back and take a line from the ‘ole “Shake ‘N Bake” commerical…

    “She’s preggers, And I helped!”

  6. I think people who commit these crimes against language should be put in a large bag and beaten with sticks until all that remains is a pulpy mass. “Baby Momma” get in the bag! “WE’re pregnant” get in the bag!! “I’m lovin’ it” “I know, right” “Who knew?” “On so many levels” “Just sayin'” bag, Bag, BAg, BAG, FUCKING BAG!!!

    This rant adapted from one (c) Dara O’Briain

  7. euch i cant stand the way he speaks lol

  8. can he go in the bag?

  9. What, With an Irish accent? I think that’s a by-product of being Irish

  10. My future baby momma is pregnant right now, and although I originally intended to follow modern day feminist protocol by saying “we’re pregnant,” you will all be happy to know I was not once able to say it and it always came out as “hey momma, my future baby momma pregnant!!” My momma was also very traditional with her skeptical reply, “It yours?”

  11. nothing wrong with the irish ๐Ÿ™‚ …. just him lol

  12. i’m applauding you for the “we’re not pregnant” and will just skim past the rest. ps congrats

  13. lmao Look I don’t care if chat rooms ARE so 1998! They are more convenient for trolling, stalking, and passing around sexual innuendos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m too lazy to go to that juggalo post + I don’t wanna see that guys ugly mug again… SO Anything else happen with “Meg” or whatever? Did you guys really send her packing? I doubt it – the smart thing for her to do would be to never look at these comments again, but I bet she’s out there right now stalking through the pages! She’s probably refreshing every five minutes for new posts.. Biting her lip, wanting to respond to this comment!

  14. Wow! You kids have sure been busy since I was here last! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. This has been…enlightening. Not like this comment which is a waste of space though.

  16. Valenya23, oh, she might be gone for the moment, but she’ll be back… in another guise, or, continue to comment in one of the others she is already, that, as yet, she hasn’t admitted to being. She’s been a busy girl, you know – playing many roles… MEG, thequeen, and, her “roommate”. And that’s just for starters. But I reckon there’s more…

    Eh, she can comment under any name she wants to, but it won’t matter. I’ll spot that nut a mile away.

  17. Huh…. (gives a confused look)…I agree with comment lets say..(picks a random number).. no.66. Yes, My job is done today.

  18. Thanks curly

  19. Curlybap, I’m sure your man is also going crazy. I don’t think it’s so wrong when a man says “I’m suffering from [her] PMS”.

  20. So… on topic post: Cumming your spine sounds very, very painful, for a variety of reasons. ‘Before that, it felt like a large, key portion of my skeletal structure was torn out of place and ripped out through my dick!’
    Oh and I do agree with #219.

  21. mad203, I’ll get right on that. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. OH and morning’ y’all. Unless it’s not morning over by you, in which case substitute your time of day for ‘mornin’.

  23. vabadus, i’m not pregnant lol … i was just saying y’know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. pms maybe ….. or what feels like a constant state of pms lately haha

  25. Well, my point stands ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Word – You speak the absolute truth.

    Maybe the posters on lamebook should do what our parents taught us to do with ppl we didn’t like or whatever when we were kids. -> Ignore them, they will get bored and go away

    Oh and off topic, I actually think I have a post that LAMEBOOK would totally use!!! Because they didn’t want to use my funny “Guess the Boobs” pictures I sent them maybe I’ll send them this *HILARIOUS* type-o post I saw this morning, it could be titled “Damn those smart phones!! They can’t spell for anything HA HA”
    Here it is:

    Jason A- โ€Ž”Women have feelings…they come from their overies.”
    7 hours ago via Facebook for Android

    Tammie M- Ovaries, dear.
    4 hours ago ยท LikeUnlike

    Jason A- I know how it’s spelled. My phone doesn’t, though.
    2 hours ago ยท LikeUnlike

    OMG you guys isn’t that SO funny and lame… I mean I actually lol’d

  27. I miss pms. It’s so much better than “I can’t bend over.” “I can’t get up.” “I miss mcdonalds sundaes.” “ow” “ow” “I’m having a contraction” “the baby is kicking my spine” “ow” “can you go buy me some granny panties and super absorption pads?” “ow” and the worst one “I hope you realise our lives will never be the same.” oh really? well at least I can still see my toes little miss know it all. I changed a diaper once. It’s not that hard.

  28. Hahaha thanks for that Walter, I needed a good laugh ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. amen word

    meg is to thequeen is to excruciasm as yoink is to anonisgayisgay

    conspiracy FACT

  30. I really missed why everybody seems to hate this MEG girl. All I saw was her talking about how some people might regret having sex ages ago, and then after that I could just never be bothered to read any of the massive comment arguments.

  31. Yes, I’ve been creeping here for some time and still seemed to have missed out on the Meg thing. What atrocity did she commit??

  32. I believe MEG had some idea to the effect that all teenage mothers are irresponsible and she hates them with an intensity most people reserve for hating, say, the genetically-constructed combination of Hitler, Stalin, and Caligula.
    Why this opinion resulted in such a lengthy flame war is beyond me, but I don’t pretend to understand why things happen on teh internets.
    June, are you saying you would get right on reading Whitehead and Pink? Because otherwise, I am terribly confused…

  33. It dates back to late July, more specifically July 27th I think (cos that’s when I came back onto lamebook and that was one of the first things I saw). I can’t be bothered to go back and find the link… Is there anything else happening in the world besides MEG? She’s stepped down off her pedestal, let her be.and good point about that Valenya.

    Is your wife preggers Sobchak? My deepest sympathy to you both. Couriering Carnations and a card your way. Don’t forget to grace us with mention of it’s poop and dried up umbilical cord!

  34. And we want pictures of the water birth in a kids paddling pool!

  35. 230+ comments? Did yoink/FredNordie reappear?

  36. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Is it a coincidence that EVERY SINGLE ONE of MEG‘s anonymous Screen names was independently responsible for at least 2 flame wars in multiple posts?

  37. Erm No?

  38. Dukey, I’m going to remember her simply as theMEGasm.

  39. Or, because she had several personae, Multiple megasm

  40. mad, yeah that’s what I meant. Sorry ’bout ze confusion.

    In my head, she will always be MEGatron.

  41. Yeah, yeah. I have already posted photos on facebook of my (unborn) baby’s name tattooed across my back. But my baby (with her ultrasound profile pic) commented on the photo telling me her name is not actually Laqusha, it’s Laqueefa, and that I spelled Laquisha wrong anyway.

  42. Being the smug cuntbag that I am:- I called out MEG for being =/= thequeen some time ago, the fucking loon.

    241 comments and no mention of Ben? I’m disappointed people.

  43. Glandon is oddly hilarious.

  44. ben

  45. also, Glandon – really? Gland, on?

  46. I submitted the last one, I’m kind of disappointed they took a bunch of comments out- mostly all about the same thing, though.

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