Monday, August 8, 2011

O! Problemos!


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  1. I hope they are trolling,or we’re doomed.

  2. looks like brittani (brittani with an i, really?) has a little (big) lesbian crush on caitlin

  3. #1 has got to be a troll. No way in hell that could happen by accident.

    And Britani, great idea! Why don’t you join her? Meanwhile, how about slapping the shit out of your parents for spelling your name so douche-tastically?

  4. Tom: not the security guard Harris County needs, but the security guard it deserves.

  5. lol @bizzle is that a dark knight reference? 😀

  6. littleredcorvette

    I love it when people correct typos with more typos. Britani outed herself as just as big a moron as Ashley.

  7. Harris County is Houston…that’s about right.

  8. vintagebarnwood

    littleredcorvette, don’t forget Phillip and Megan too.

  9. elementary* Shit.

  10. *collards – I didn’t know they could fly, and I hope I never pass my testes.

  11. COLARDS?



  12. I think the great thing about Facebook is that it evens things out a little bit between the good-looking dumbasses and the fuglies who can spell.

    And as a bonus, I can look through all the beach bikini photos of my cousin’s hot little high school friends.

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I once pasted my testes. Now I can’t have children.

  14. It’s always embarrassing to correct someone and need to be corrected yourself. The red squiggly lines are there for a reason guys, just remember that.

  15. Really? This is with spell-check too. And if said program didn’t exist….?

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