Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What’s in a Name?

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  2. slicingupeyeballs

    Why didn’t they shout Robert?

  3. If his name was jedward, that would be the only amusing thing about him.

  4. Well Robert, if there were two people inside you, that would be an improvement of… 2.

  5. My name is cobalt

  6. Jedward = Jacob + Edward.
    In the movies, edward is played by Robert.
    Oh and also, YAY!

  7. I guess after the soccer mom influx, the retardeds wouldn’t be too far behind. welcome to lamebook Freddy.

  8. I love when someone tries to explain something they don’t actually understand. Jedward are an irish singing sensation, most famous for their appearance on the popular british TV show “X-Factor”, comprising of twin brothers John and Edward. They are talentless buffoons that bring shame to their entire nation.

  9. Yes. They’re renowned for making pre-teen girls go crazy, having really odd haircuts, and low IQs. We are right to be ashamed of them. Google them, you’ll understand.
    I say we blame X-Factor, and that way Britain can take the fall.

  10. @Freddy. Jedward = “Piss” + “flap”

  11. Hasn’t Britain been the reason for everything bad in Ireland for pretty much all of recorded history? I don’t see why this is any different.

  12. Nope, the Irish have been the reason for everything bad in Ireland for quite a few years now. In the South, everything for nigh on a century.

  13. rubert,
    Please state your nationality for the record.

  14. @lexluther: Good point, famine, pillage, war, and Jedward.

    @rubert: We might have let the banks fuck up a lot in the last decade, but nearly everything before that was the British. Which explains why since we took over our own shit, we are routinely shamed by Jedward. You are routinely shamed by rioting, knife crime, drugs, serious lack of education, teen pregnancy, looting, violent crime, poor healthcare, drug abuse, alcohol abuse (and coming from an Irish girl, I find that hilarious), child poverty, obesity, and really really stupid magazines.
    Also, it’s called the Republic, not the South. Get your shit together, man.

  15. porcelainbaby, I salute you.

  16. BOOM. Lawyered.

  17. butterscotchcandy

    I am a non-Brit, non-Irish, non-preteen that enjoys Jedward. Loved them at Eurovision. But I have to wonder why Robert’s first reaction when someone yelled “Jedward” at him was to interpret this as “Jedward is inside of you”.

  18. Hey porcelainbaby, don’t forget the child abuse too, the Brits introduced the Catholic church to the RoI didn’t they?

  19. The republic of ireland was independant of britain in 1922, so how did the british cause all the probelms there in th next 90 years? Or are the irish just failing to take any responsibilty for their own behavior?

  20. You know, this is a fairly international group of commenters. Cool!

  21. “Retardeds”, @JennySlade?
    Ah, irony!

  22. @Lolabelle, I know when we got to be independent, but we haven’t really had too many problems since then, except the Troubles (that was you guys too, because you did only give us back 3/4 of the country), Catholic Church scandals, which @rubert is correct in saying was introduced here by the British, and Jedward. Sooo… Yeah. Stop being annoying and leave us alone.
    Also, if you could stop misspelling words in your own language too, that’d be cool.
    Slán leat.

  23. goof grief,’this one answers back…

  24. ^Be super careful Jen. he might even catch on that you are making fun of him and then there’ll be some flouncing. You mark my words.

  25. *she

  26. 😀

  27. I meant freddy. You’re not a retarded.

  28. Yes, freddy, irony: The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

    Jenny fucking called it, you sad lonely retarded.

  29. ^LMAO

  30. Lmao, I’m the Robert who posted that status. My friend just told me that I was on Lamebook so I came to check it out and I find it hilarious xD.
    I actually didn’t upload this status onto Lamebook, one of my friends must have done and I didn’t know about it.
    Anyway, they shouted Jedward at me because I have bright blonde hair that I wear in a quiff and most people are just stupid and think that anyone with that hairstyle are Jedward even if it’s like a slight wave :P.
    Anyway, got bored of it so I told them what I thought. 🙂

  31. PS shut up to the haters, lmao.

  32. butterscotchcandy; I replied the way I did because if you don’t know them, Jedward are two people. How can I be two people at once? Tbh I really didn’t think that much into it. :’)

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