Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picture Perfect!

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    What we have here is failure to FIRST!

    Haha I’ve something like that in real life with the first picture. Usually it’s in the form of ordering a “water” cup but filling and constantly coming back for refills of coke or grape drink.

  2. Codename Dutchess

    Ok, that first lady is hot as FUCK. I know she smells like onions. And the last chick has probably seen her fair share of Eiffel Towers if ya know whad I mean.

  3. Say what you will the PAris tat is a win! Fuck the reason

  4. The first one…..real life right there, but at least he is sticking it to the fuckhemoth McDonald’s.

  5. You can tell it’s McDonalds?

  6. What is wrong with the second one? Is it just that they’re in a pool in their clothes?

  7. I don’t know about there being anything wrong with it, but I looks to me like they are in a flooded restaurant.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    Emily hasn’t been to Paris obviously. It is full of dogshit, fat american tourists and unwashed frenchmen. I hope she eventually gets there, hates it and cries every time she thinks of her tattoo…

  9. The only picture that I laughed at was the first. And Paris was a disgusting place when I went there.

  10. @#5 Dan, I think McDonald’s is the only chain that offers both Fruitopia (what the guy is loading up on) and orange Hi-C as fountain drink options.

  11. Deep in love? More like in deep shit.

  12. My family owns a business. I’ve caught many people ask for a “water cup” and then get soda. Oh, the excuses, “I didn’t notice sorry!” Really? You didn’t know water isn’t brown or non-carbonated? Please people, don’t do that in a small local family business.

  13. The Eiffel Tower part of the tattoo is actually done well.

  14. The # 2 couple is not sitting in water – there’s a water feature in the foreground. They think they’re ‘arty’ for styling the shot like this. They are wrong.

  15. Also, I agree, Name. Fuck with the corporations’s profits if you must steal from someone; not the Mom and Pop style businesses.

  16. 1 is a win as whether business big or small, The gross margin of that shit can take it.
    2 is a bit weak
    3 has a big shiny L shape that makes it look like a fail. see 419eater.com for some greed guys getting nice tats

  17. Thank you amadan for your review! You should do it to every LB post.

    For our amusement of course.

  18. surely she could have spent the tat money on a trip to paris if she loves the place that much?!

  19. The guy in the 2nd is deep sea fishing for sure

  20. In Paris, there were large signs with pictures of topless women on them out on the streets. This alone makes it better than any part of the States that I’ve ever been to.

  21. “pink drank”

  22. hm. I thought the couple in number two were just sitting in a restaurant booth. the wobbly reflection due to that thick clear plastic table covers you find in the older dives, y’know? looks like he set the camera far enough back on the table he could get them both in the shot and then set a timer to take the picture. I could be wrong…

  23. To those Paris haters, all big cities are dumps in the right (wrong) areas. Paris is beautiful. Don’t be jealous. NYC has as much or more shit on the streets.

    That said, that poor woman. She could have probably saved those $400, and then some more money, and she could have actually gone to Paris.

  24. holy shit my first lamebook entry made it! i dont know the clever girl that got the tattoo that well, but i think its pretty idiotic

  25. *pats lolwowsers on the head*

  26. u can measure it on my back :p before u put it in!

  27. Well that’s not very lifelike, the tower looks a bit small..

  28. y’all is a bunch of stupid a-holes. the underwater one is one of dem photoshop apps, like camera+ or something. besides blacks can’t swim on account

  29. …of how they is missing a bone in there ankle.

  30. Anyone notice that in the first picture:
    1. The jet of liquid appears to miss the neck of the bottle
    2. The hand appears reversed holding the jug. ie two left hands ???

  31. @jenny. You all are a bunch of stupid a-holes. The underwater one is one of those photoshop apps, like camera+ or something. Besides blacks can’t swim on account of how they are missing a bone in their ankle.**

    Just for future reference.

  32. Dude, seriously? Jenny is doing a bit.

    That being said, if it’s not a camera filter/app thing, IwanttogotoTheWaterTableCaferightnow!!!

  33. It looks as though the “deep in love” couple have used photoshop or something to put a water reflection on the bottom half of their photo so it looks as though they’re deep in water = “deep in love”. It’s too high up top be a table IMO.

    I’m also cruious if the Eiffel Tower has always had a lean at the top….

  34. I’m thinking the camera was placed on the edge of the table and then they set a timer. They probably used a filter/photoshop to get rid of the table to be “deep in ‘love'” or maybe it just worked out that way.

  35. @#19… clearly he is not deep sea fishing. Black guys do not go deep sea fishing

  36. Emily’s tat is, like, so totally awesome.
    I want to flay the whore and wear it as a cape to my niece’s confirmation.

  37. How bout look at the back that the eiffel tower tat is on – do you think she just might have chosen it to cover up the huge skin graft and surgery scars ?????????

  38. @moorj – It’s possible, but unlikely. After you get a tattoo, you are supposed to put Neosporin on it and then cover it with Saran Wrap, which you tape to your skin. It looks like the “scars” are actually the dirt that gets caught in the sticky edges of the tape, just like with a Bandaid. It makes sense that the skin would be shinier up to those edges, since it was likely slathered with Neosporin prior to taking the picture.

    And yeah, she *really* should have put that money toward a plane ticket. Sheesh.

  39. hey craphlovr – I realised it was probably the taping after I posted my comment – derp !

  40. That tat is just about one of the dumbest I’ve seen. Not shitty, mind you, dumb. Great quality!! But seriously, wtf?

  41. And @ craphlovr, ur an idiot. Neosporin is NOT what u put on a tat. It’ll draw the ink out, as will the saran. A&D ointment, and bandage until u get home to clean it with unscented antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Nothing else covers it after.

  42. oh, stfu. tattoos are tacky. and boring. You’re tacky and boring.

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