Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Hope

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  1. This was not funny, even at all. It didn’t make me grin or chuckle. This is a horrible post on a site that has been falling off for some time.

  2. While I agree that this isn’t the funniest post ever, it’s still slightly comical because you know it probably really did happen. There are plenty of dumb girls (and guys) out there that aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. My question is, if you don’t think this website is funny anymore, why are you still visiting it?

  3. Codename Dutchess

    She knows about these crazy, new fangled inventions called plastic bags, right? When used correctly (not as a helmet) they can actually keep their contents dry and untainted by the effects of rain. Go forth, Garbielle, and clean your dirty unmentionables post haste.

  4. There’s nothing more painful than reading a conversation between 2 idiots.

  5. Seriously I doubt this conversation ever happened. Random strangers rarely comment on conversations they eavesdropped on. I have a feeling the OP was just trying to make some kind of point about having to do things without a vehicle, or an excuse for not doing laundry.

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    I bet this OP masturbates to the hot girl he sees at the laundromat. Hell I do that all the time. Take a mental image if her and put it into my spank bank.

  7. So let me recapture this.
    Gabrielle wants to do laundry.
    It is raining.
    Gabrielle can walk to class in the rain.
    Gabrielle can’t walk to the laundromat in the rain.
    What the…?

  8. I would scream, “SPARTA helps me get to class
    “, and then proceed to decimate her

  9. How do you decimate a single person?

  10. Gabrielle is idiot as well 🙁 no hope!

  11. Cut off nine tenths of them

  12. Or one tenth even.

  13. @ #7 – Gabrielle can walk to class in the rain but not to the laundromat because there is nothing more depressing than spending hours of your life in a laundromat, only to have all your freshly-clean, dry clothes get wet in the rain. And yes, there are plastic bags, but most people who go to the laundromat wait until they have full loads in both colors to go – just being efficient – and I don’t know many people who have waterproof bags big enough to fit multiple loads of laundry in them just laying around.

  14. I really don’t give a flying fuck about gabby’s laundry dilemma. What bothers me is that she engaged in conversation with an eavesdropper – instead of, you know, punching her in the throat and blowing a rape whistle?

  15. One pair of iFeet please!

  16. oh fuck me running. i would have hit that fuckin girl. right in the twat.

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