Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Excellent Point

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  1. In my case, 1+1=5, and I’m pretty sure that number will grow.

    Clark, I won’t let you remember me.

    The third one I saw on Autocowrecks. It’s still pretty funny, though.

    My turn to make an excellent point:


  2. Point taken.

  3. In my case 1+1=0. Not using a condom doesn’t mean instant babies, like so many people seem to believe (not talking about you, beatusmongous, just people in general).

  4. Why would they only blur out part of Clark’s face?

  5. I’ve checked carefully, and nowhere is it necessary to add ‘condom’ to the Peano axioms in order to prove that 1+1=2.
    Perhaps the writer intended to use a different two-variable function than additon, like ‘fucking?’ 1 fucking 1 = 3? Nonetheless 1 fucking 1 is actually a probability distribution over the natural numbers.

  6. ^^ OK. Now how do magnets work?

  7. ^^
    Mad2 please teach me more

  8. I remember Clark and he is not naked. And if he was I would be dead so no go there either.

  9. The best way to understand magnets is to study Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetic fields.
    Magnets themselves either work by having a system of dipoles linked together. Each dipole is the result of quantum-mechanical spin. Electromagnets work by running a changing current, inducing a magnetic field (the opposite method works as well; in fact the voltage of house current is dropped from its high level in the wires to the 120/240V level by transformers which are just two electromagnets next to one another; one of them produces a magnetic field, and the other picks up a current from being placed in the field).
    The magnetic field has, so far as is known, no monopoles.

  10. Great! Now can you please define to us the true meaning of life,please?

  11. ^^ Can you get the DeLorean to 88mph ?

  12. I’m no math-a-magician, but shouldn’t this equation contain some kind of anal coefficient?

  13. Yodawg, it’s 42.

  14. Yodawg, it’s sticking your face in a blender.

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