Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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  1. Calvin and Hobbes is good. Waldo makes me think fuckmustard.

  2. C & H is awesomesauce. I’m gonna have to steal that.

  3. Admit it, beatus… they are both good.

  4. Fine, just don’t throw any more bananas on me while I study, Velocirrober. I think there might actually be a naked dude in the Waldo one. I haven’t found Waldo yet, though.

  5. I think they’re both awesome, but particularly the one with Calvin and Hobbes; it was my favorite comic as a kid.

  6. Calvin and Hobbes rules

  7. how would you manage it so that it lined up properly? I admit to being technologically challenged. I like the C&H one and want to steal it, and am not to proud to admit I don’t know how and need help….

  8. Frankie83: When you post the large image, you can move it around to center the image however you want it. Prob a lot of trial and error to get it just right.

  9. Ah! I shall go forth, obtain timeline, and attempt something as awesome as this now that you have imparted your knowledge. You’re great…thanks!

  10. I need to find those Calvin and Hobbes pictures. That’s just too awesome not to use.

  11. Frankie. You need to fucking die.

  12. ^ hey wow, that was a serious bit of online hard-(wo)manning, but after careful consideration, I have to say that I was spot-on in my first assessment.

  13. that is a cool one … daaam, and i used to think the New Time Line is boring!!!! maybad if you can do things like that !!! thumbs up

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