Monday, July 21, 2014

Somehow I doubt that…

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  1. Ummmm….by the looks of those fingernails and fingertips, I guess it comes from a “meth free home” as well, eh?

  2. I don’t understand this issue. When I see ads for furniture and the like, it makes sense to say smoke/pet free home, because that actually has an effect. Electronics? How is the smoke and/or pet(s) going to harm a hunk of plastic and metal? And if the pets do (I see NO way the smoke would), then the damage would be obvious (they knocked it off the table)?

  3. JoDa, seriously? The issue isn’t whether the smoke/pet would have an effect on the phone, it’s that the poster tries to claim it’s from a smoke/pet free home when the evidence to the contrary is in the freaking picture.

  4. I get the “haha doofus”…I don’t get the point of saying smoke/pet free. I see it all the time in postings, and it still doesn’t make sense for things like electronics. I guess I’m calling her and anyone who would care whether the phone was exposed to pets/smoke out as a double doofus for caring about that when it comes to things that won’t be hurt by it.

    Let’s try this: I beat the hell out of my electronics because I travel with them. If someone told me the electronic in question never traveled, if I was considering buying used, that would mean something. Telling me it came from a smoke and pet free household means nothing. Traveling will, at some point, damage electronics (I’ve had my new Macbook for all of 3 months, and the outer shell is already scratched from being stuffed in my bag)…pets (unless they’re untrained and broke the thing to hell and back) and smoke won’t cause damage. Clear enough?

  5. I love using a phone that smells like the Marlborough man plus wet dog.

  6. Sweetatas, you forgot about the medder-ampheter-meens. By the looks of those nails it probably smells like boob juice too. Those broads like to put their phone in their bras….along with their loose change, morning after pills, and various parts to items around their house.

  7. Eh for phones pet’s don’t matter, but smoke would. I bought a Gameboy one eBay that still smells of cigarettes. That crap sticks to any and everything, and whenever my friends in high school said they smoked without their parents knowing I know they’re either liars or their parents are retarded.

  8. Maybe it came from a smoke- and pet-free home, before she bought it.

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  11. Yeah, before she “bought” it.

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