Friday, June 18, 2010

Life’s Creations

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  1. Nothing says classy like beer cans.


  3. ben fail. ben is frodo and doesn’t even have a pool.

    and i think the tree is a hermaphrodite. i mean look at that hole right under the knob.

  4. @bongsmoke84

    2 minutes late there 😉

  5. The tree is a hermaphrodite, there is a vag next to the peener.

  6. Yes! I am the first to say, a whole new meaning to morning wood. 🙂

  7. and i doubt that the stripper pole is structurally sound. girl goes to swing herself around that thing and she’s gonna end up on her scantily clad ass.

  8. see, it’s funny cause it looks like it has a penis

  9. ohhh, i get it shipoopi. it looks like it has a penis, so it is funny

  10. i mean, i could draw a diagram, but it would essentially be the same tree done in ms paint

  11. I don’t think it counts as a stripper pole if it’s right up against a wall. It’s just shitty art deco.

  12. maybe they bring it out for company and they just move it out of the way during the day?

  13. You can strip, but please don’t touch the pole, ma’am.

  14. What’s wrong with the tree’s penis? Isn’t it supposed to stick out straight? Maybe it’s just not turned on enough…..

  15. Yeah, that tree looks a little droopy. It just needs to get a little wet, then it’ll pop back up. Works with my house plants.

  16. I must go to Canada. If their flora has equipment like that, I want to see their fauna.

  17. I agree with Kelli…nothing says white trash like a beer can stripper pole…

  18. i don’t know about the white part. there are plenty of black folks who drink canned beer and strip so…..

  19. yeah, it’s coors light and there is no indication of the color of who built the “stripper pole”.

  20. Excellent, wordpervert

  21. Kelli read my mind.

  22. aw what, that’s my photo of the tree. LOLOL. i have NO idea how it ended up here…

  23. That tree has three testicles.

    Congratulations tree, you are three times the man I am.


  24. Lol that tree reminds me of an Ugly Americans episode called Treegasm.

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