Thursday, September 16, 2010

In It to Win It

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  1. Whoever did that to Adele is my new hero.

  2. Haha awesome, I’ve never seen anything like that last one before. That’s really something Dominos has?

    Have to wonder why you’d want to share it with Facebook though.

  3. Yes it is Carla, yes it is!

  4. Adeles was a tfln text a couple of days ago.:(

  5. Adele’s*

    Also the dominoes tracker is awesome.:)

  6. and #3 was on sickipedia. two used jokes in one post, now that’s lame.

  7. I worry about all of you who know every joke from every site.

    Jesus should put you guys in the oven.

  8. Aaargh its taking all my self-restraint to avoid making a joke about jesus jews and ovens right now.

  9. I just noticed, since when was bomb some kind of description? I know that idiots have been saying stuff is THE bomb for years, but… now I sound a bit like an old man.

  10. greenstrings, maybe you should just go ahead and make the joke, cuz some of us are a little slow this morn.

  11. ha ha ha. Definitely have to agree with onetwo3 on that one. lol. Everything becomes less and less funny when you know everything on the web. Besides, isn’t the whole point of the web and facebook and even lamebook to share? In that case some people who don’t look at every site on the web and know their friends don’t either like to copy off of one they’ve seen once. Or it could be that they know it’s on every site and still find it hilarious and so do they’re friends and they all want to make an inside joke to the other people that don’t really know what the hell is going on. ha ha ha. Does it really matter if it makes you giggle just a little…

  12. P.S. “He” (in Adele’s post) is in league with Jesus and Ian is completely correct.

  13. If Jesus working at a pizza takeaway doesn’t show the decline of christianity I don’t know what does to be honest.

    I’m just off to egg the pope…

  14. jesus pronounced “hey zeus”

  15. Okay I must be missing something because I don’t get the orphan one.

  16. PG stand for Parental Guidance.

    An orphan doesn’t have any parents.

  17. I’m unreasonably irritated by people who bastardize “having an orgasm” into the illegitimate verb, “orgasming”. That is all.

  18. Domino’s tracker is awesomeeeeeeeeee.

  19. I also saw Adele’s post on texts from last night, Jayne. It actually makes it even more appropriate for LB though; she’s so lame she has to steal her thoughts.

    I’m not gonna touch the “people who know the jokes from other websites should be put in the oven” thing. All I can say is I remembered that one because I thought that would finally make meetings more interesting.

  20. All four are wins in my book today (a first).

    BritishHobo – it’s been about ten years since the ever-so-descriptive ‘da bomb’ was considered high praise when referring to whatever was at the moment fabulous. I’d say it was about time for a resurgence in popularity (if the time it took my platform shoes to regain their former popularity is any measure).

    eenerbl – You are correct. I am an orphan and I found it coffee-spewing-on-my-laptop worthy.

    porkpie – May I worship you from afar?

  21. Thanks OneTwo3 for clearing that up. I feel rather stupid for not putting that together. Or maybe I didn’t put it together because it’s stupid. Yeah that’s it.

  22. Adele lies!! That is from the website “Texts from Last Night”, I just read it the other day. Silly girl, can’t even come up with her own stuff.

  23. There aren’t that many different sites that do this kind of humour, it doesn’t take that much time to check the daily updates on all of them, maybe fifteen minutes. I’m surprised if there are really that many people that only get their daily chuckles from lamebook, if so, you’re missing out.

  24. Why do so many unoriginal idiots who just steal statuses off of Sickipedia make their way onto this site?

    I mean, yeah like I said last time it happened – it could be seen as lame because it was stolen, but that’s clearly not why it’s being selected for Lamebook.

    As for Adele, well that’ll teach the dumb bitch to not put her phone on silent when she’s in a meeting…

  25. :sigh: Adelle’s status was stolen from

    Come on now.

  26. Okay, so on basically every LB post, I see some comments about “Oh that was on, LAME” … honestly, Lamebook doesn’t know where everything came from, and when you tell a joke, you probably didn’t come up with it either – so imagine if you tell a joke and instead of laughing someone says “you stole that from OMG” …yeah okay so these people aren’t witty enough to come up with it, they’re just sharing a joke with their facebook friends and lamebook is sharing it with us.

    *rant over*

    Anyway, I actually laughed (like legit lol) at the orphan one, and then I felt really guilty. But then I read that even twinkletwinkle, an orphan, found it amusing, sooo I felt better.

  27. Michael, orphans should not be allowed to watch anything..They should be made to pick pockets for the benefit of old men and only be allowed to eat porridge.

    I once recorded a girlfriend having an orgasm too, she sounded like a swearing epileptic elephant on helium with a mouth jammed full of cock.

  28. Fairly sure the Adele chick was me…. And I know it was from TFLN, I posted that to a friend’s wall because it was hilarious and I wanted her to see it… I don’t even have a blackberry 🙁

  29. Christ on a cracker

    Yeah, I hope you enjoy the brown, odd-looking “raisins” I put there!

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