Thursday, September 16, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. @alordslums and others arguing about the plural of ignoramus

    What you seem to be forgetting is that this is English, and rules in English are more like very lenient guidelines. Yes, it’s true, if ignoramus was faithful to its Latin roots, the most correct plural would be ignorami. However, common usage wins out, and most dictionaries will tell you that ignoramuses is the plural of ignoramus.

    Nerd mode disengage

  2. lol @RImau’s “M****r”

  3. I understand. I will stay away.

  4. Rereading the original thread, I see the humour, though I missed it at first. I too like funny plurals! Octopodes forever!!!

  5. LMAO @ RImau and this whole comment section.. Meese and M***er… I did always think it was a bad word myself

    lol @ comic booki shopping

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