Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help Wanted!

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  1. highest in chronological order

  2. almost highest

  3. vaginalroundhouse


  4. i think the first two the people were just messing around. the last 2….i fear for our country.

  5. 18th whooopppeee. Hole.

  6. the last one would be the best one, i love grammar snobs when they screw up!

  7. You’re the dumbasses that don’t understand Argon is a chemical element. “Argon” is a pun on “are gone”.

    Chemistry. Argon. Joke. Idiots.

  8. yes publeek, that’s why bren is referring to matt the ‘grammar snob’ that tried correcting him and screwed up.
    so you’re the idiot, not us 🙂

  9. 1970s poem

    You, who were a gas, Argon.

  10. Publeek, who the hell are you attacking? Read properly before you rant.

  11. Is it me or is the 2nd one not funny at all? I didn’t get it

  12. 2nd one does suck, I love chemistry jokes

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    publeek is dumber than anyone in the original posts.

  14. how embarrassing to make a fool of yourself in publeek

  15. Trolls trolling trolls.
    I’ll go touch myself, now

  16. Yeah, Amanda is most definitely trolling/trying to be funny. Still not sure about Eduardo though… http://troll.me/images/futurama-fry/not-sure-if-troll-or-just-retarded.jpg

  17. I don’t understand the Eduardo one….could someone please explain it?

  18. Me neither. I think that he thinks you send a package to the post office, and the other person is saying that you have to take it to the post office yourself, but he thinks the other person is take that he would have to take the package to Nigeria himself.

    Or maybe the other person is trolling.

    Or maybe its apparently funny that he sold shoes for more than the asking price.

  19. Eduardo appears to have fallen foul of a 419 scam, named after the nigerian penal code it refers to.

    He has most likely received a cheque for the full amount but is being told to send the shoes to Nigeria in a hurry.

    By the time the cheque bounces his shoes will be long gone and he will be down the shoes and the postage money too..

    Commonly occurs with expensive trainers, laptops and cars. They want the items in a hurry so that you dont realise that the cheque has bounced.

  20. Thank you!

  21. And I bet you live in Nigeria, churva

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