Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Job…


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  1. I love Will’s lame crusade

  2. Holy crap this is messed up… I wonder if it’s real…

  3. yes its real. my grandma actually got me one of these. i hang it in the tattoo shop i work at

  4. For all you uncultured shits out there, this is a piece of Egyptian art depicting the circumcision of teenage boys. I have a very very similar piece at home. It’s neither racist nor explicit.

  5. @cwark: …in my religion, people are circumcised, but I still don’t keep fucking PICTURES of them in action

  6. circumsizing teenagers while they’re conscious might not be racist or explicit but it sure is twisted and cruel! ahg, i am on a crusade of my own: preserve the foreskin people!

  7. @cwark_91 -Is it uncultured to not have a picture of an egyption circumcision in my home?… I’d love to take a poll of how many people would get dirty thoughts from this pic:)

  8. Why would you hit a guy on the head with a ruler while you’re getting circumcised?

  9. What are the rulers for? ………… OH….

  10. yeah but that was part of ancient egyptian culture back then so it was normal for them and obviously it seems odd to us right now. this is a piece of art- not sick pornography. i have a papyrus piece at home with women topless (my parents bought it, not me) which is obviously normal back then. remember, this is historic, not a present-day depiction.

  11. cwark is frodo

  12. Marc is gimli

  13. That actually isn’t racist at all. My step brother and sister are part Egyptian and their father is Egyptian. The darker you are, they see it, back then, as how poor you are. The rich would stay in the shade and try not to get dark at all other than their natural pigment. The darker skin ones are the ones that are the workers/poor because they spend their time in the sun working.

    So, not racist.

    William is an r-tard.

  14. *retart

  15. @cwark_91 -See, now that’s a perfectly normal comment. And I totally agree, art is completely different from porno. However, I don’t care who you are, but anyone seeing this picture without a further knowledge of it’s background is automatically going to think that same thought. Now that I know it’s background, it’s not that funny. The only thing i find funny is it’s misinterpretation today:)

  16. @cwark_91 – Still pretty damn inappropriate for the workplace. Naked pics, artistic or not, should never be in the workplace. Instead, there should be pics of like, eagles soaring or motivational kittens.

    Hang in there, Kitty!!!

  17. Nevermind about Pacman having the upperhand…This has taken the pancake.

  18. @Marc:
    cwark has a pool/FRODO DOESN’T HAVE A POOL

  19. I think it’s perfectly appropriate for the office. It’s not exactly a photograph or an accurate representation. It’s merely a piece of art from an extremely interesting time in history.

  20. @cwark_91 I agree. not lame at all. it’s history. and art. no need to be immature.

  21. This is the sort of thing you put on your wall for the express purpose of acting self-righteous and culturally enlightened when people laugh at it or call it offensive.

  22. Guyz let’s stop being so immature. This is beautiful art. I took a picture of my balls yesterday and have it hanging in bike shop. Stop being so immature. Penis, Penis, vagina, vagina

  23. LOL @ William’s half-cocked rant (geddit?)

  24. So, by Williams account, interracial porn is classified under “racism”?

  25. Ha ha!! I don’t care if it’s art or porn. It’s men, holding each others willies and whacking on the head!! Hilarious! I’d love it in my work place – hours of fun!! Ha ha!!

  26. For all you uncultured shits out there, this is a piece of Egyptian art depicting the circumcision of teenage boys. I have a very very similar piece at home. It’s neither racist nor explicit.

    Yay, I’m an uncultured shit.

    It looks rude, therefore I laughed.

  27. Goldenfry, why so serious?

    I highly doubt this picture was hung (so to speak) for its cultural meaning!

  28. That poor dark fluffer.

  29. @RubyPuppateaux #9
    Physical examination?

  30. That is NOT a ruler smacking the guy on the head. See link below. And frankly, I would think it was the darker skinned persons in control here. Doctor’s even. How is that racist? πŸ˜‰

  31. lemonkc: LOLOL!

  32. What hasn’t been mentioned here is that this picture actually hangs in the offices of the Traditoinal Egyptian Cerimonial Circumcision Centre. Therefore it is totally appropriate.

  33. Who cares about its historical and traditional significance. It looks like guys playing with other guys wangs, therefore is fucking hilarious!

  34. …AND one guy is whacking the other on the head.

    It’s like an awesome, dirty, Egyptian version of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

    @Cloudchaser (30): I believe the darker-skinned people depicted in this picture are priests (I think I remember from history class that priests usually performed the circumcisions in Egypt) and not doctors, but same idea.

  35. “you pull me, I whack you”. Brilliant game. Anyone want to play? πŸ˜›

  36. Unless the workplace is a doctor’s office where circumcisions are performed I am gonna have to agree with jooooojo and say it isn’t really appropriate for the office whether art or porn.

  37. I guess I was the only one who thought it was the comment which was lame, not the picture.

  38. awe, they didn’t post all the 7 other comments… this photo was taken in jest πŸ˜€

    @yaya, yes it is at a doctors office but I’m pretty sure we don’t do circumcisions

  39. These Egyptians seem more liberal than some of the self-righteous idiots here. lol YAY for Ancient Egyptians! Second part of William’s comment is HILARIOUS! Uff!

  40. justgotbackfromegypt

    They aren’t giving each other hand jobs, they’re cutting the dicks off of the people they conquered, which is how they proved to the pharaoh that they won. A drawing like this is carved in the temple at abu simbel. Whatever, still funny as hell

  41. Christ on a cracker

    There were homos in Egypt back in the pharaohs times? I wonder if they ever got together with the homos from Greece.

  42. It’s not racist, guys. In ancient Egyptian art, women were always colored in reddish brown while men were always colored in tan. It’s also not gay therefore.

  43. cwark_91. Thanks for being a douche about knowing things. You cold have just explained it, but instead were a bitch about it. Adds flavor to the page.

  44. @sensibly madness, you couldn’t be more right if you tried.

  45. Actually, people still do get circumcised in Egypt without anesthetic. I just heard something about a young 13 or 14 year old GIRL getting female circumcision in which they cut the clitoris. Sounds horribly painful to me.

    Regardless, this is ridiculous for an office setting. Maybe the guy has a fetish of some sort? haha i have no idea.

  46. Well, I’m not really versed in old Egyptian Traditions, but I do have read some history books, and I think I read somewhere the people who lived originaly in Egypt were not as dark skinned as the ones who live there now. More like olive-skinned or something. And that they did a lot of campaings to conquer neighbor nations, like Nubia, that indeed had dark skinned people as natives, and after that used them as slaves for some rough labors.
    Maybe circumcisions made without ritual purposes were done by slaves. Or maybe this drawing depicts something totally different and we’ve all believed cwark_91 without doing a little research by ourselves.

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