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  1. Wow, me and my older brother used to fight like this all the time. Glad I never did anything that idiotic.

  2. Personally, I just find this funny. Who would actually write down what they’ve done with a guy? If it was me I knew I certainly wouldn’t be the stupid bitch who wrote the stuff down, and I wouldn’t be the bitch who showed it to thee ‘rents either.

  3. @okema & MashaB

    Evolution of Desire

    Call me old-fashioned, but I still think the first person you have sex with should be someone you are in love with & is dedicated to you, not some guy on a list for a one-night stand you need to finish within the next four months. It’s not shocking that she wants to have sex, it’s sad that she thinks its a race or an after-school project.

  4. I think this is hilarious. Sure it was maybe a little immature on his part, but siblings are asking for it when they rat each other out. Its impressive how slutty this girl is. Looking at the list she comes across as a 12yr old. I really wish it had her real age!

  5. HAHAH! this is great…I made a list like this when was about 12 but not about sexual favors omg…mine just consisted of boys id date, might date, or never date lol….no “hj’s” and such lol

  6. she is 18-19 and he is 21

  7. freakin’ awesome.

  8. Wow that is crazy smh, o well its her fault for writing all that down, who keeps notes on ppl they mess wit I mean couldnt she just have taken a mental note or somthing lol

  9. hahahaha Chris FTWx100!!! lol this is my fav on lamebook >.< katie….wth were u thinking lol….u could have shared the beer 😛 lol

  10. HAHAHA!! its so messed up but i would do the same thing!!!

  11. It sounds as if you have short hair and possibly a penis, you are definitely getting some action from Katie. Nicely done, Katie!

  12. Katie isn’t doing anything wrong because she’s young and sexually active. There is no age at which it suddenly becomes acceptable to have sex. A person is ready to have sex when s/he feels ready and understands the dangers and preventative measures against STDs and pregnancy. Just because you want sex to be about love and feelings and roses doesn’t mean anyone else does. It’s not up to you to dictate when someone can have sex or to shake your head disapprovingly because someone chose to have sex at a younger age than you. If a person can separate sex from love, and many of us can, then it’s no business of yours if a person has feelings for his or her sexual partner.

    That being said, what Katie is doing might be a bit messed up if she’s manipulating these guys. If they all understand that it’s just about sex, that’s cool but if they have feelings for her and she’s just using them, then she kinda deserves this.

    Also, there’s no reason to assume she’s thirteen based on her handwriting and sketches. I know plenty of people who have handwriting like that and who would draw things like that who are much older than thirteen. My own handwriting is actually very childlike.

    All I know is I sure wish I knew an Asian girl who liked to casually fool around with her friends when I was in High School.


  14. I love it!!! If I ever found something of this nature in my brother’s room after he had snitched on me… I’d soooo do the same exact thing… Unfortunatly, my brother is lame and will never get laid.. So I’ll never be able to post anything that is that amazing.

  15. mtc @ 142 has the quote of this discussion with the rather lovely: “indeed, she enjoys the pleasures of sex without the risks of penetration.”

    I think it’s the use of “indeed” that makes it so marvelous.

  16. Okay I think all the people here on Katies side need to re-evaluate. There is really an unspoken bond between siblings. Most children today participate in under-age drinking and EVERY child does something that is against the views of their parents. Now looking at this Katie, depending upon her age, must have done something similar or will end up doing something similar at least looking at this list. If either of these options are the case then snitching upon Chris breaks the bond and thus of course now she must hide her wrong-doings from parents AND her brother. I know this because I have a sister a year younger than me, she sometimes goes to parties with drink. Now i say nothing because i have done things that she knows of and has never mentionned to my parents, if she did then i would turn around and snitch on her too. Chris here has simply had the sibling trust broken and is retaliating in a manner that is acceptable. Yes it is acceptable; Katie should have known the likely resonse her brother would give to this, she should have feared a sibling war to erupt. As such she obviously didn’t or that list would have been destroyed and so she gave him the opportunity to do this. She broke a mutual silence agreement of the goings of either of them by telling their parents. Also I think I am safe when i say that this is the first large instance of sibling rivalry here because Katie at no point states ‘I told on you because…’ or something along similar lines and so it seems that she snitched simply for malicious intent.
    But other than that fucking hilarious!!!!! Thumbs up to you Chris!

  17. the deadline is here..I jsut want to know if she’s succeeded at this point…

  18. This… Is beautiful.

  19. How the hell did I miss this one? My new hero = Chris.

  20. Okay so this didn’t only make my whole day, rather my whole LIFETIME.
    But still, I’m not sure I’d like Chris as my friend.. The girl is poisonous for Christ sake!

  21. Oh, the girl can be as sexually active as she wants…yaddayaddayadda…STFU already!

    SHE’S FUCKING WILLING TO LOSE HER VIRGINITY to one of 10 GUYS she plans to “get on” with within 4 MONTHS.
    It’s not a (completely) sexually active girl just doing her thing (no matter how promiscuous)as she pleases.

    If active, then she’s planning on DECEIVING at least 2 of the guys.

    All of them are just based on their LOOKS alone.

    So go ahead and tell me about her maturity and exercise of personal freedom.

    If there’s nothing wrong with her behaviour, THEN THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM POSTING IT. She ratted him out! He ratted her out (with interest added).

    If there’s nothing wrong with what she did why is SHE posting in all caps at the top of her tits for Chris to take it down?

    BEST EVER BURN!!!!! (like someone already said, it goes in the pantheon of all-time greats, this one)

  22. there are 5 out of the 10 crossed out:

    Ryan Pecker – looks liked she just changed her mind

    (that leaves 4), one is only a kiss, and none of which involve sex(she is a virgin!). hardly a whore at all, and technically impossible.

    Think about it. She gave head to 2 guys and got eaten out by another..

    it’s really quite tame, and more like the wishful thinking of a young teenager.

  23. I don’t see the “Maybe V-Card” as a sign she still has hers, I see it as a sign she is unsure if he has his. Katie = Slut, even in today’s standards.

    I wish Chris was able to post updates, I’m curious if she reached her goal :/

    We should all try to accomplish our goals. Sluts included.

  24. note to self….dnt trust or double cross an asian. second note to self… asian maid (bxtch prolly stealin frum me n e way!!)

  25. @iDubya – I agree. There are stars by both names so it makes me think she took their virginity.

  26. Well, its past the due date. I wonder if she accomplished all this? I wonder if her parents found out?
    I assumed the crossed off ones were completed and the date next to it was the date on which it happened? HAHAHA fingered and titty fuck…amateurs.

  27. @#227

    Guru says: Real. I’ve given this one some thought at work today.

    This is absolutely the weirdest one on Lamebook. It’s a cross between Found Magazine and Penthouse Family Letters. Sure, Chris is a total tool with no love for anyone but himself to post such crap in a juvenile way, but that’s why we look at this crap, so…

    However, The Lamester Guru knows that little Chris isn’t really mad about getting caught with beer, that’s only a ruse. He is only using that excuse for justification to invade his sister’s privacy and vilify her; apparently for one of three reasons:

    1)He is really irate that he wasn’t included on his sister’s list, for he might have had an incest fantasy going and she burst his “teach her how to blow a bubble” bubble.

    2)He is jealous that she has gotten more action in the previous nine weeks than he has in his entire life.

    3)He is, in fact, a closet case and is trying to soften the blow, no pun intended. (NPI) Perhaps Chris really loves cock like Katie really hates facebook. I’ll let the Rainbow Jury decide on that one…

    – These are just my theories, of course.

    However, I believe Katie is only a typical student. She’s done no more than any young girl who is looking for love in all the wrong places does everyday in countless backseats across America and elsewhere. It’s just that she got caught and she can’t lie about it like all her other girlfriends do. Sure, every girl I’ve only known casually has always said crap like “I’ve only been with 3 guys” or “I’ve never done this before” when obviously it isn’t the case, not when they have four kids from four different daddies or have “Born To Ride” as a tramp stamp. Poor Katie just wants to experiment, and she blew it (NPI) right-out the door with Mr. Nevermind (NVM) — Jacob must have whipped-out a funny-looking one or something. She should have stuck with Adrian as her #1 and left it at that; or promised him a V-card over a possible HJ. If Adrian would have been promoted in such a way, he would have defended her by writing “first” in his comment line, or would have assumed gay Ben’s identity and gone verbal to kick Chris’ dad-lovin’ behind a little for posting crap about his GF in such a way… The only person who showed any sensibility at all was Britney, only because she also has a brother and a BJ/V-CARD list of her own.

    I almost concluded it was fake because of the weird deadline — (Why not Valentine’s Day?) But maybe she was following a planner or waiting until a birthday so the guy wouldn’t go to jail or something… Truly, a very weird post. -LGP4
    I wonder if any of the guys on that list had girlfriends at the time 9/13, 10/4, 10/29 or what the aftermath at school was the next day…

    Either way, it boils down to a classic example of The Lamester Guru’s mantra:
    “If you don’t want anyone to know, never tell anyone.
    If you don’t want everyone to know, never write it down.”

    Peace be with you, Lamesters…

  28. Cherriye-angella

    ROFLMAO Don’t you just love karma?

  29. John Players Standard

    Awesome would do this to my sisters hands down no problem any chance i had.

  30. I’m going to marry this man. 🙂

  31. I am confused as to why those like #227 feel Chris is some horrible person for doing this. I would most certainly say he was not as forgiving as it was possible to be, but Katie definitely deserves this. She almost deserves it even if it isn’t real. Why would she tell their parents about the beer? Chris certainly sounds intelligent enough to handle it. Katie was entirely in the wrong to tell on him.
    Chris, on the other hand, did NOT tell on her except as a just punishment for her telling on him.

  32. I wonder if she managed to complete this list.

  33. lmao deadline

  34. the kid is genius, plain and simple.

  35. now thats a smart move.

  36. rofl, this guy is great.

  37. This is great! I wish I had thought of doing something like this to my sister. She used to rat me out all the time.

  38. Point Chris. It’s a little harsh, but she’s evil for ratting him out.

  39. hey katie can you please accept my friend request?

  40. Holy shit I LOL’ed when I read this! Harsh, but FREAKING AWESOME!!!! 😉

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  42. Holy cow.wata whore!!!

  43. HOLY SHIT hahaha. This, plus all of the comments, just made my day.

  44. ….nice….

  45. Dirty little tramp. This is what young girls are like. Fuck them all over if you get the chance, they want it really.

  46. Kind of a Cruel Intentions moment. This shits hilarious but I deduct a little humor because the revenge is a little unbalanced. Yeah she’s a whore but so are the guys shes bangin’. Only justice can be served if she spreads her hpv to her brother now. Also, I thought Asians were smart. You don’t begin a sentence with “12”. You start it with “Twelve”. Pathetic parents should’ve stuck with only having one child.

  47. Also, Noobsauce you are a moron and an ass for assuming. Good luck with ever finding that perfect girl. You’ll be stuck in clubs dating whores such as these and will never see the light.

  48. I love the smell of slut-shaming in the morning.
    No really, nothing makes my day quite like an irresponsible ass-hole making his sister feel ashamed for having sex. Women? Having sex? The horror!I mean, how dare she do what she wants with her body! It’s as if it’s her body and not her parents’ or her brother’s

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