Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Case of the Momdays







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  1. First

  2. Well done dude, want a medal?

  3. quoting Andrea “Chill Out, you smoked for almost 20 years…moderation is key”

    says the 19 year old who knows everything. Yes, smoking is fine and dandy as long as its in moderation…I mean thats what all the scientists and medical professionals say…and its soooo darn easy to quit too….smoking in moderation is perfectly fine, just the same with heroin and cocaine use and shooting bullets into your head. Perfectly fine.

    Those 19 year olds are so smart.

  4. Yeah I do – for bedding your mom last night

  5. I want to meet the mom who thinks she might be on the shirt…

  6. lol the last one!

  7. The third one is kinda cute.

  8. @andygoodyear oh really , i want a trophy from u then

  9. Maybe if Steven bathed more often, he wouldn’t have people dropping like flies whenever they get close to him.

  10. Els9874,

    Did you know that nicotine is actually more physically addicting than heroin AND cocaine? That’s a fact. However, the withdrawal from those drugs is more severe. But you could technically do them in moderation and NEVER get addicted. So I would suggest you open your mind, and your veins, and get this party started. You may also want to invest in some speedballs, to get the best of both worlds.

    The addictive qualities of shooting bullets into your brain are still in debate. The problem is finding test subjects that are available to continuously monitor.

  11. @andygoodyr: We have established in previous posts that boys who post first (and they are all boys) are all chronic premature ejaculators. Your over-eager, hair-trigger finger clicking away on your mouse so that you can please yourself in the least time possible without actually saying anything that entertains anyone else gives you away. We know that you can’t help it and that we should not abuse those with afflictions, but with help you can deal with this, you two pump chump.

  12. What Dorie failed to mention was the guy at the airport beside him with another shirt that said, “Dumb Broads I’ve Fucked” — which listed his mom on there several times.

  13. The whole “rosebud lips” thing..I’m permanently scarred now.
    Parents should have to pass a screening tool before being allowed on FB.My older child has a FB and MySpace,but I don’t embarrass him-well,except when I hack into it and change all his demographics.Get to them before they get to you,that’s my motto.

  14. The third one, Cindy is totally on the money. She sounds lovely. My Mum’s a bit like that. AWWWW!

  15. @D – you wish. She is way out of your league

    @Mercure – your mom didn’t complain about my ejaculation last night. I rode her for hours

  16. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    The first one isn’t lame, it’s funny.

    Steven’s mum and Dorie’s mum are both brilliant. This is the style of mothering to which I aspire. My kids are going to be so lucky.

  17. re: Bucky Fellini – Why can’t American’s realise that there is no such word as addicting?

  18. 1. It’s not all Americans, thank you very much.
    2. Why can’t people from other nations focus on their own countries’ illiteracy and not worry so much about ours?

  19. re: ape_hots — Probably the same reason Europeans can’t realize that the plural form of “American” does not contain an apostrophe. It’s “Americans”, not “American’s”.

    Gee, stereotyping sure is fun!

  20. There’s a fair shift, though, between a punctuation error and inventing a word.

  21. ape_hots, a number of things to consider:

    1. It is, in fact, a word.
    2. You don’t have any business criticizing spelling/grammar while using the previously-pointed-out grammatically incorrect “American’s” in your comment.
    3. I am not even American.
    4. Your pedestal looks to be crafted with inferior workmanship, and is very likely to collapse under your feet.
    5. Remove the bright pink, 9″ vibrating synthetic PENIS from your anal cavity.
    6. Killself.

  22. Hey Spaceape_hotts or whatever
    Don’t be a dumbass- all you had to do was google the goddamn word. What are you? British? When will you all learn that there is no such word as alluminium?

  23. Good job, KennyChen. I was about to point out the fact that a quick Google search shows that the jury is out on “addictive” versus “addicting,” but many dictionaries list it.

  24. Good job, KennyChen. I was about to point out the fact that a quick Google search shows that the jury is out on “addictive” versus “addicting,” but many dictionaries list it regardless. You beat me to it.

    ape_hots: fail.

  25. It was a Phyrric victory, stine. Addictive is, in all honesty, the stronger word choice- I just get irritated by all the bullshit nationalism on the web. The net should be a place where we don’t need to be part of a nation and it’s just silliness to say things like “when will americans[europeans/ martians] do…” The internet gives a rare opportunity to interact truly person to person without the schism brought about by governments world wide. Anyway, kennychen steps off the soapbox. Out.

  26. Oi, KennyChen – it is aluminium. End Of. Only US and their nice neighbours north of their border shorten it to only one “i”. Typical one-eyed laziness from the North Americans, I think you’ll find.
    If they must borrow another country’s language, they really should treat it with respect.

  27. Omg, same name AND sound like my old boyfriend? Probably is! Gross.

  28. Love it how facebook is in spanish. Me gusta.
    Btw, lol at Steven’s comment too

  29. Sounds like Jillian should be Cindy’s duaghter instead – they both like to overshare. They could discuss rosebud lips of both anatomical varieties.

  30. Bucky Fellini FTW.

  31. The last 3 were awesome!!! I especially love that shirt “things that make my dick hard”! I’m going to have a look on ebay for one :D.

    @Mercure: Maybe the posters problem is not from premature ejaculation, rather impotency. After sex (or masturbation) sleep is [usually] the next thing on anyone’s to do list. Consider that this guy cannot get it up so he can experience the wonders and joys of premature ejaculation? That leaves his thrill seeking to be had in pissing other people off. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost!

    @kal: LMFNO!!!

    @Bucky Fellini:Nice work!!! LMAO

    @All the spelling Nazzi’s: The influence and pending introduction of Globalisation is only possible thanks to you and your stereotypical views on countries and their vocabulary. God damn it people! Hoo kares if peeple speel thingz rong? Theyre onli wordz!

  32. @Insane

    You spelled ‘Nazi’ wrong.

  33. @Insane – you should really learn to use two spaces after a full stop. See how easy it is?

    I hope you seriously don’t think that you are affecting me with the impotent joke? I’m not pissed off at all – apart from with your mum last night (she was bad).

  34. cheeseandwhiskers

    I knew I had seen this shirt somewhere.

  35. omg all these were hilarious exceot for Hope’s… her was sad and i would cry if i were in that position (not because my x husband was a male prostitute but because he had so many kids that my son met his half brother randomly)

  36. I might be a twisted fuck then, but to me, Hope’s was by far the funniest, because it’s such a crazy situation, and Amy’s comment was good too.

    I was also thinking, if the guy at the airport was wearing the same T-shirt that cheeseandwhiskers posted at #34, then Dorie’s mum actually WAS on the list (because she was reading it)!

  37. @32: Oh well. Not too bad for someone that has the flu.

    @33: I am not writing an assignment which means I don’t have to F*beep*NG impress you, so you can bite my shiny metal ass!

  38. @Insane – I’ve got much nicer asses to bite than yours. You may not be writing an assignment but if you want to use the English language at least do it properly.

  39. @andygoodyear: I do believe we have already discussed this, but so you may hopefully get the point I shall tell you once more. I don’t fucking care what you think about my use of the English language! This is a fucking internet forum where many people make spelling/grammar mistakes. If you want to be a spelling/grammar Nazi, then go be an English teacher. At least there your ego maybe be appreciated!

  40. *may be be

  41. ffs! *may be

  42. Aw, I think Cindy is adorable. She reminds me of my parents. As you get older, you truly appreciate having parents who love and support you and aren’t ashamed to show it. I don’t think her comment was embarrassing at all.

  43. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    omg all of these are so cute and funny lol hahaha 🙂

  44. @3

    umm.. Shut up.

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