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  1. umm is afganistan a country or like a biscuit?

  2. I would have sworn that afghanistan was the closet people stored their crocheted blankets in….hmmm…

  3. Umm… Can we get any stupider Lamebook?
    Until next time. XD

  4. You’d think that since she’s on the internet she’d just google it. But, reading anything longer than a status update (comment) is probably way too complicated for her. JFC.

  5. Vince from purchasing

    I’m sure she’ll get top marks for her school project. What an excellent approach to research.

  6. MakeLikeaLeafAndBlow

    Yes jacqueline dear Al Qaeda is a country. It’s just south of Genovia on the continent of Utopia.

    Bitch needs to lay off the crack and turn on a television.

  7. And this is surprising how?

  8. “It’s more like that herpes you got back in middle school, it comes and goes, but we just can’t get rid of it” – Jon

  9. no bloody way surely, but then again…

  10. She spells Afghanistan correctly though, so she has (limited) knowledge of it, but is unaware of the rest? Fishy..

  11. Vince from purchasing

    #Geodesic – my theory is that she’s reading off a question sheet for school.

  12. Aaah quite possibly.. great forking school..

  13. I m pretty sure i ate an Afghanistan yesterday at the punjab restaurant. Or was it a pakistan

    Can’t remember the names of all these dishes

  14. Well, Jacqueline, a quick search of the term “what’s happening in afghanistan?” yielded over 2 million results.. Seriously, how the fuck is someone able to use Facebook, but not Google?

  15. Father Sha, I expect to see a picture of you with your afgan poo loaded up and posted on facebook/Lamebook

  16. they should drop nuts instead of bombs and get out of Afghanistan…. its a sure fire way of getting the American people to be perceived by the rest of the world as returning back to the Bush government douche bag status.

  17. I found this website a little while ago and believe it should be passed on to people who do not think of using google.
    Please feel free to pass it on to people like Jacqueline!

  18. WTF??!!

  19. Makes you wonder WTF she is doing with her day.

  20. My guess would be that she spends most of her time avoiding education and re-applying several tons of makeup instead, because surely if you look good you don’t need brains, you can just pop out a couple of kids at 16 and live comfortably on benefits. Maybe I’m being too harsh in that judgement…

  21. @ Jenivere – FTW!!

  22. I’m a pacifist, but… Seriously, people THAT effing dumb make me want to slap them…

    @Insane- I was going to post the link for that site, but you beat me to it. LOL

  23. Seriously?????

  24. So last week we had a grad student who couldn’t pump gas, a girl who did not know why the War Between the States was fought and another who didn;t know why “Ground Zero” was. Not to mention a ton of Lamebookers that can’t seem to type or spell. Why does this one surprise anybody.

  25. SeeBea, see my last post about KennyChen… Hope you don’t mind me breaking off the engagement *SOB* Unless you want to keep it with You, Me, and Insane in a Santa Hat…?

  26. @Svetlana
    Uhmmmmm “Kenny Chen…”? That’s okay sweetness. I like Insane but not that much. I’ll still be here waiting…and crying..and waiting.

  27. It’s on raising hell… the one with the pregnant woman and the bass guitar… He was being a douche… 🙂 But this Russian Lady sorted him quickly. 🙂

  28. So I see now. Funny, too bad for Kenny Chen. He must be some kind of mental cuz now he has made me to want to do it even more. Just cuz I know it will bug him.
    BTW, I loved it. 😉

  29. @SeeBea – don’t stress, I’ll always take them out like a Tommy Gun. This is one lady who doesn’t allow people to walk all over her…

  30. Don’t you mean an AK47? This is SeeBea.

  31. Oh Baby, anything as long as there is pain involved <<3

  32. woot! woot! woot! woot!

  33. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, get a room you two.

  34. @awful: I’m sure i speak for most when i say ‘we would like to see that!’

  35. Damnit. Looks like Kenny Chen needs put on his mean boots once again. Kenny Chen is not mental- he likes bat man! Kenny chen is a man of discerning taste! And kenny Chen certainly is displeased by the taste of cold, sweaty, loneliness that your every post seeps Seeebbbers- seaBear
    That’s Kenny Chen.

    That’s who?
    Kkkkenny Chennnn

  36. suck it

  37. fuckin peasants

  38. What’s wrong with peasants?

    Or are you implying that some 15th century illiterate farmer somehow got on the net and are now writing things that annoy you?

    But you’re totally right, damn all those peasants, lets get rid of them all cause then we won’t have anymore ignorance in this world, or food, but that’s a minor problem.

  39. “Peasant”? Really?

    I can’t handle this new way of referring to the ignorant.

    Fantastic response sevedarkdays.

  40. Awe, KennyChen, you’re still a DOUCHE – and that section isn’t on this thread… Fly fly, fly fly… Oh, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You sad sack of shit.

    That’s who?

  41. Svetlana you keep saying almost the same thing over and over again to KennyChin. And yet i keep laughing my ass off everytime! Don’t ever change!!!

  42. My apologies if I do get a bit monotonous. But I don’t think Douches, as with KennyChen fully understands the basic english language or the basic application of a sense of humour. SO, to piss him off, I just want to make it clear what a GIANT Douche he is. I will stop, eventually.

    But I really hope he has a nice Christmas and all that, hopefully Santa will leave either a de-douching machine or a sense of humour for him under the tree. Let’s just hope that he can get a refund on the “personality of a doorstop” that he seems to be so fond of right now, ’cause it doesn’t seem to fit too well.

    But all is well – at least he likes Batman, I mean, the dude’s suit has got nipples and everything! This is Svetlana.

    That’s who?

  43. she is a dum biatch she don no diffence tween a person n cuntry.
    al quida is a bad person hu shud be killd

  44. @Princessbabe13 – are you serious? Please tell me you’re not. Because if you’re going to say that someone should be killed, you should probably at least check that they are actually a person. Maybe you’re the ‘dum biatch’.

    Also, you said the C word.

  45. he boms da twin towrs nd londun, so he is bad so shud be killd
    evun ino dat nd i wus 5 wen it append

  46. I have to agree with Geodesic. Sounds like something someone cooked up to get on Lamebook. It’s like those Yahoo Answers questions that are circulating. Nobody is that dumb. If they were, they wouldn’t be able to spell Afghanistan.

  47. @Princessbabe13: Seriously does anyone understand your emo ass? Piss off and learn how to spell!

  48. I love Americans

  49. DeeDree you’re and idiot for lumping all Americans in with that dumb bitch.
    I’m sure you have a few morons in your country too.
    I know of at least one!

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