Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kickin’ it Old School

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  1. Haha @ pic #3! I just had a conversation this very day with a guy at my local liquor store (by “local” I mean it’s in the same strip mall as my store) about how he beat his grandpa at beer pong, but his grandfather is refusing to admit defeat.

    This is a far cry from my grandfather who lives in a dry county in TX and, due not only to his location but also his medication, has to drink near beer. And he’s Irish, to boot!

  2. I didn’t get 3. What is beer pong?

  3. Better grandma beer pong than grandma strip poker. Although those ping pong balls look a little moist. And not from the beer. I wonder where she keeps the spares?

  4. The first one, is he excited that his grandma died?!
    Also, woo, new to Lamebook.

    @2 I think beer pong is when you have a pong and try to throw it into a cup of beer.

  5. At first glance, pic 3 looks like granny is DJ’ing, mixing up the tunes.

    I’m tired.

  6. The last time a Gran held my balls in her hands, she ended up like the Gran in the first picture.

    That’s right. She ended up having her corpse shamelessly and needlessly violated by her gormless gimp of an unfeeling grandson for a few Facebook laughs.

    Hayley don’t tak to Grans about sex, they only know about smelling of piss and collecting pet cats.

  7. Does the guy have a boner in 2nd picture?

  8. She’s holding up well. Tight little bod. I bet her dude there knows the value of ky.

  9. @ episode, thanks for that. That’s a lively little game that I have missed out on then lol.

  10. Nicoretta – Usually, for each ball you manage to toss into one of your opponent’s cups, they have to drink the beer in that cup. You win the game when you manage to get a ball in each of their cups before they have done the same to you. Generally each side (and people play doubles sometimes too) has six or ten cups arranged in a pyramid formation (depends on how long you want the game to last I guess).

    I think it is hilarious that there are grandparents out there who play it.

    #1: Shameful. Just shameful. I really hope that’s P-shopped.

  11. When I was thirteen, my grandma told me all about her days as a prostitution and gave me the valued advice, to “never have anal sex, because it hurts like a b*tch”. Thanks Grandma.

  12. Thanks throwingtofu. That actually does sound quite fun. x

  13. Maybe granny in pic one was cool as shit, and wanted pics such as these taken at her funeral? My Mom had strange requests, too. So possibly?

    Beer ponging granny is the shit! <–That sounds way more wrong that it needs to. Bahaha.

  14. There are a few variations to the beer pong rules such as clutch, gang bangs, bounce shots being worth two drinks (because you can knock them away), etc. It’s my favourite drinking game. A buddy has the official BPL sized table and everything.

  15. nuff, gang bangs? What rule is that?

  16. my friends always play with actual paddles ,you play reg ping ping & if you hit the others persons beer they take a drink..or something like that.idk i dont play.

  17. eusadnama – I understand the notion of certain cultures (AND individuals) requesting that their funeral be a happy event celebrating their life, but I don’t see how more than a small handful of people, twisted or not, would be flattered at the idea of one of their relatives posing for a photo by their casket with a shit-eating grin and a thumbs-up.

    nuff – Yeah, elaborate on the ‘gang bang’ rule please, LOL.

  18. ohbabybaby – I highly doubt you have to just hit their cup. Anyone who plays ping pong knows how incredibly easy it is to do that, even for a novice.

  19. #3 looks absolutely THRILLED to be playing pong with his grandma. it’s strange to see it played during the day in gram’s dining room with clear cups.
    a friend of mine has the chilled cup formation so there’s never warm beer…it’s kinda amazing

  20. it’s something like i said….
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  21. is that betty white in #3?

  22. A gang bang is when you sink two balls in the same cup before your opponent takes it off the table and drinks it. If you do, they lose the game and have to chug the remainder of their cups. Also, if they throw and hit your hand when you are trying to take the cup out of play, it counts as interference and they drink a cup automatically. Also, if a ball is swirling in a cup, you can blow it out before it touches the beer and you don’t have to drink.

    One of my favourite beer pong games involved a makeshift floating table in a pool and playing on a hot summer day. So awesome.

  23. I’m Hayley, and the post up there is mine, lmfao! How did you even find it to put it on here?… Anyway, just for the record that was sarcasm, the convosation wasn’t lovely at all! It was quite scary really. :/

  24. Did grams teach you how to deep throat Hayley? If so, we can be really good friends.

  25. I think granny is kickin that dudes ass in beer pong. He looks like he’s gonna hurl any moment.

    Dude in pic #1 = douche.

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