Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Love

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  1. It amuses me that that is the reason she got booted :p


  3. Kevin self submission fail.

    I bet Timothy’s friends love Cheryl, she seems ‘fun’

  4. That 30 Rock was from last week.

  5. But she’s his mother…

  6. Chris is the man. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Joellen H. is the best Lamebook’s mother ever.

  8. Joellen is a woman after my own heart.

  9. @ Merde cure Kevin couldn’t have submitted that himself because if you actually look it say’s “Kevin became a fan of–” so obviously it was viewed from some one else’s page.

    Christopher ftw for calling his daughters ex a BITCH

  10. Kris Topher is teh greetest.

  11. @ Fairy: If you look on your profile page, you will note that ___ became a fan of ___ is the standard. Kevin self-submitted.

  12. hahahaha… wat a wonderful coincidence my father’s name is christopher… and thats exactly how he would act!!!! Christopher FTW!

  13. #3 is great! Gotta love them dildo stores. Wonder what it was called? Big Dicks?

  14. @Dr. Hymen: Maybe not. The only evidence that Kevin self-submitted (that I can see) was the fact that there’s no “Become a fan” button next to the group. It could mean that Kevin self-submitted OR that someone who is also a member of the group submitted it.

  15. Go Christopher!

  16. I meant page, not group. Whoops.

  17. He could have submitted it if he were on his actual profile page & not his regular homepage. Maybe?

  18. I’m gonna go w/ Kevin not self-submitting because of the lack of the option to delete his comment. Because of that I’m also guessing his mom didn’t submit.

  19. @heavilyunbroken

    There’s no “Become a fan” button, and the timestamp says it was “2 seconds ago” since Kevin’s last post. Kevin self-submitted.

    Kevin is also Frodo.

  20. I know, this is ridiculously pedantic, but what do you mean ‘I love 30 Rock BUT last week it had the most amazing line…’? The two things aren’t opposites. Maybe if you were saying ‘I love 30 Rock BUT it had the worst line last week’ or ‘I really hate 30 Rock, but it had the greatest line last week’. Not ‘I love it, BUT, it was amazing last week.’

    I’m probably showing up my ignorance here by complaining about a valid sentence, but on the off-chance I’m right… this annoys me.

  21. epic fail for the dildo boot girl

  22. You are actually right BritishHobo.

  23. I’m thinking that Dildo girl could’ve made the save with a “I had to go there because Mom made me! You Limp Dick! Viva Viagra my ass!”

  24. Perhaps adding the ‘but’ implies that as the line was the best ever it is not going to be topped, therefore it is imminent that all further episodes of 30 Rock are going to suck due to the awesomeness of this line, hence the ‘but’??

    But then again, how smart could the boy be if his mother doesn’t know what ‘girth’ means?

  25. Girth, quite an amusing word :p

  26. mmm girth

  27. worst_episode_ever

    loling @ girth…

  28. that bothered me as well BritishHobo….

    but what I really came here to say is Kevins mom rocks.

  29. I have girth

  30. anyone else getting creepy incest undertones from Christopher? “You’ll never find anyone as good as my daughter!”…umm…

  31. Christopher is more concerned about Aaron’s gardening tools according to his spelling 🙂

  32. WikidJuggaloPanda

    I know for a fact I, Kevin, self submitted. 🙂

  33. once again, BritishHobo freaks out over something ridiculous. hahah

  34. @Absurdrelief: I would imagine that it’s really hard to garden with “little hoes” unless Aaron is a, ahem, little person. THAT’S why Christopher is wishing him luck.


  35. Aaron is actually a gardener of a miniature estate, he rakes the miniscule leaves with his tiny rake, digs the small flower beds with his petite spade and does the weeding with his little hoes.

    I think its cool of Christopher to wish him luck in his tiny gardening profession despite Aaron fucking his daughter senseless before leaving her a depressed quivering quimbag.

  36. I’d love if my mom told off my ex, I think it’d be hilarious!

  37. OMG, Joellen is my new favorite mom on facebook. LMFAO

  38. motherly luv theres nothing else like it. unless your Joellen H
    then it comes dangerously close to a red light district mistress.

  39. It IS “hoes.” Like “heroes” “potatoes”…

  40. @20 (BritishHobo) I think what he MEANT to say is ‘I love all 30 Rock episodes BUT one of the highlights for me was when she said…” yeah it was grammatically incorrect but I assume that was what he was trying to say (personal opinion)…

    @24, just saw your comment, agreeed! but she did say she doesn’t know what tongue-girth is… not just girth…

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