Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ride It Out

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  1. BOOM

  2. I love how LameBook kept the guys last name in the post.
    Cacrider and Sackrider

  3. “cac” rider? His friends are just obsessed with that kind of thing

  4. Hmm, I would hope it is pronounced “cock” otherwise this guys friends probably just hate him.

  5. I must admit my last name is a bit gay.

    Mr Imamofo Putyourmeatupmybum Esq, at your service.

  6. This one’s pretty good. Do you think he went to the graveyard just to find this?

  7. I’m putting this one down as a shop. The letters are too clean on the dirty background.

    Oh, and no one would choose such an epic font for a name like Sackrider.

  8. well my lunchroom lady in gradeschool’s name was sandy winterbottom

  9. I will always remember my grade school nurse, Mrs. Butts.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    hehe Misses butts.

  11. Wow… cacrider.

    I went to a school with the last name, goodhead.

  12. Went to school with a guy named Eric Hunt, say it fast it sounds like hairy c*nt

  13. My fathers name is Mike Hunt and a cousin named Ben Dover

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Since we are all giving out names here are some more

    Dick Longfellow – Medal of Honor recipient
    Dick Sweat – Congressman
    Mike cox – Attorney general (Pure Michigan I think)

  15. hahaha Dick Sweat. all we have is Willy O Dea.

    there is a priest named mossy brick somewhere as well.

  16. My dad’s a lead programmer at Costco headquarters here in Washington, and he works with a certain ‘Harold Dick’. I wouldn’t go by Harry, either.

  17. I will always remember the day I met Richard Blower.
    “Hi, I’m Richard. You can call me RICH. Just call me RICH. Nothing else. Just RICH.”

  18. Okay, so I played on a baseball team with a guy named Dick Turner. I always wondered why he didn’t just stick with Richard?

  19. I have two to add…
    I drive by a dentist who has a big sign displaying his name:
    Dick C. Huang, DDS
    If you call 411, there is a very unfortunate operator whose name is Vageena. Her parents hated her from the moment she entered the world.

  20. I know it’s not out right dirty, but it’s easily enough taken that way if you have the right attitude. We have a medical professional here named Ken Hurt.

  21. This is an actual chiropractor in my town: BJ Hardick

  22. There’s a bottle shop where I live called Dick Liquor.

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