Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little Wins

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  1. first and meh

  2. Everybody needs to STFU about “First” already! It’s TOTALLY EFFIN’ ANNOYING– NOBODY CARES!!

  3. I usualy don’t care if submissions are copied/old/faked/fabricated or whatever, I can just skip past them without caring, but these are so poor I just had to comment. Perhaps i’ll make a Michael Jackson joke on a status and get it uploaded?

  4. oh, my nyc chic, thanks for signing in so you could comment. now GTFO!

  5. nyc_chick is just jelly cause she’s never been first.

  6. NYC chick is definitely jelly she wasn’t first!

  7. yeah, my facebook doesn’t have this problem yet, but it sounds like something i should be looking forward to… or maybe not.

  8. AnnieTheIncredible

    people need to stop bitching about timeline…I mean does anyone even remember what facebook looked like before each change? Everyone bitches, but still uses it…and then forgets how things used to be anyway. Everyone needs to get over the fact that it’s going to keep changing regardless or get off the site.

  9. ^great customer service

  10. What’s facebook?

  11. it’s the new myspace

  12. Okay THAT is funny! The one in the middle.

  13. Barbed wire chopsticks now on sale 98% off……….get yours nw for Christmas.

  14. AnnieTheIncredible

    @hawkbit, by definition, a customer is someone that pays for services so technically no one is a facebook customer as of yet. Like I said in my earlier post, stop whining about facebook changes and drop it if you hate it although I’m sure you’ll forget that it was ever different in about a month’s time.
    However, I’ll allow for the airing of grievances today since it just so happens to be FESTIVUS!

  15. ^Nope. A customer is someone THAT KEEPS YOU IN BUSINESS

  16. AnnieTheIncredible

    Customer: a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.

    …no one is forcing anyone to use facebook and no one it paying for it so people need to hop off or quit their whining =)

  17. Because everyone knows Facebook doesn’t make one red cent off of us using their service….

  18. correction, the customers are the companies that pay for ad space. We are the product. 🙂

  19. The advert is the product you genius…

  20. #16, so if I don’t use the stupid fucking site, by your logic, I’m still free to rag on thing without offending your princess-like sensibilities?
    I mean, even if my primary goal was to offend your princess-like sensibilities by ragging on the stupid fucking site that you somehow feel compelled to defend?

  21. AnnieTheIncredible

    MsAnneThrope, it’s a free country so you can bitch all you want (and I notice that you exercise that option often), but I was simply saying that some chick whining about a free service isn’t funny and therefore not really lamebook material. I didn’t mean to offend YOUR “princess-like sensibilities” by simply stating my own opinion, but it seems that I have… and I regret nothing.

  22. AnnieTheIncredible

    Oh and while facebook does make money from businesses purchasing advertising space, it doesn’t take money directly from our pockets so we’re not technically customers in which case we have no one to complain to. It’s either get off the site or just deal with it. If they lose members than they may actually want to change things so if people like the person from the second post delete their account than maybe things will change, but we all know that that’s not going to happen. People like the second poster will just continue to bitch…on facebook.

  23. You missed the best part – that in ten years it wont matter.

  24. All I know is that Annie complains about the complainers at such length and so. fucking. tediously. that I feel like waking myself up with a habanero eyewash.

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