Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quite the Dilemma

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  1. Some of these names are hilarious.

  2. Shannel sounds like a whore. Logan should make sure the kid is tested to see if it’s his… then he should get tested

  3. Codename Dutchess

    This needs to be settled the old fashioned way: Maury Povich.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Man up and take some responsibility” — The battle cry of pregnant whore trying to guilt trip a guy into not getting a paternity test.

  5. What are “Histroy testes”?

  6. AnnieTheIncredible

    A hysterectomy where the uterus is replaced with testes. I don’t know why Sadie would want dead people to solve this problem though. Back in the day, doctors used to throw leeches on just about anything.

  7. Spelling is a lost art

  8. looks like Shannel posted that as her own status… first guy to respond is the lucky winner, i guess.

  9. An Internet connection should be a privelege and not a right, for these people anyway.

  10. I agree, Maury! Maury! Maury! I always wanted to bring back JFK just to stare at his balls.

  11. Orwell and Huxley imagined the cruelty, disconnection and the indifference of the future but I’ll bet even their amazing minds never foresaw this sheer stupidity.

  12. Amen, @Darkpainter!

  13. Whatever happened to natural selection? 🙁

  14. Idiocracy is actually happening.

  15. I get the irony, but not everyone who’s not great at spelling is stupid. Maybe she’s just hopeful that her daughter will have better opportunities in life than she did.

  16. ^my betta has better opportunities in life than anybody who spells like that. And I haven’t changed that poor little fuck’s water in 4 months.

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