Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheated and Defeated

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  1. STEVER!

  2. She fucked up his shit with love. Koolaid and sugar <3

  3. You can launch my landlord!


  4. Wow, Shalana, wow.

  5. Brittany, that’s definitely the most unuque way I’ve heard of revenge so far.

    Brett, oh snap.

    I would love to go to a trebuchet and chuck things out of the fucker. Much fun would be had seeing it soar; a game could even be made to see who chucks the farthest.

  6. I was thinking she was going to say she took a bath in it.

    That would make a lot more sense.

  7. I’ve been conditioned to think “blood” when I see the words “red” and “bath” in the same sentence. I want blood.

  8. a really good lamebook post for once. number 3 had me chuckling. number two had me shaking my head at the audacity of shalana. and number one… lol. that’s some weird but effective revenge.

  9. Saff, would it make you feel better to think of it as the blood of the Kool Aid man?

  10. I wonder if she’ll get child support, or even custody, after the court hears about that crap.

  11. @cursormortis

    She will, because she’ll get a fault divorce. Doesn’t matter whether she fucked up his stuff or not, what matters is what she quotes as the reason for the divorce.

    I say good on her.

  12. Depends on the state. Here in AZ, it is a “no-fault” state. You don’t even have to state a reason for the divorce but everything material obtained after the date of marriage is split 50/50 unless the two parties work out the specifics of who gets what. If an agreement is not made, the property, whether real estate or household items, gets sold and the money split equally. Custody is also split equally in the divorce if the parents don’t come to a prior agreement and you have to go to family court separately if you want to fight for more/less time.
    HOWEVER, I’m willing to bet that in the case of Brittany, there is no divorce. I’m thinking more of a boyfriend/girlfriend thing in which case, the father would have to go to court to fight if he wanted any custody and she wasn’t willing to play nice.

  13. @ AZFreckles

    It does depend on the state.

    However, even though AZ is a “no-fault” state, it DOES have fault divorces.

    What it means it that there doesn’t HAVE to be a reason for divorce, and if there isn’t, it’s usually 50/50(though, like you said, it’s dependant upon the state)

    However, even in the majority(I admit I don’t know all of the state’s marriage laws, though this holds true for AZ) they still have a fault divorce as an option if you can prove it’s true.

    So, obviously someone who was cheated on would be wanting to get a fault divorce.

    In Arizona though, You have to get a specific type of marriage in order to be able to file for a fault divorce. IE a “covenant marriage”. Regular marriages do not have the option of a fault divorce.

    So yeah, it really does depend on the state, AND sometimes on how you got married.

  14. When I found out my girlfriend had been taking withdrawals from the Bank of Cock behind my back I did something very similar to Brittany’s act of vengeance.

    I splashed the cheating bitch in Vimto and threw her out of a fourth story window… I said similar, not same.

  15. What a waste of sugar.

  16. i agree with walter, why waste the sugar!??

  17. wait, i apologize, *Walter lol.

  18. Actually, enough sugar might, just MIGHT irritate the vagina of cheating whore bag enough to start a nasty irritating yeast infection. The old slip ‘n slide doesn’t like sugar on it.

  19. It will irritate the GUY’S vagina?? Lol. I’m just a TAD confused right now, Keona lol, that’s all.

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