Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Solid Plan

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  1. Marcella L. Mathis

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  2. What’s a Makayla baby?
    And how can you stab ants without tearing their fragile bodies?
    I have to know.

  3. ^ you have to use one of those really thin sewing needles. Like, duh.

  4. Well, at least she wasn’t felching your piggies.

  5. See what happens when you let 5 year olds update their statuses alone?! Stop the madness!!!

  6. ^ Um, no. That was a parent typing that appalling status. “My girls” etc.

  7. What about them Broncos!

  8. That really hurt to read.

  9. That made as much sense as Katie Hopkins.

  10. *few seconds ago*

    Come on, really?!

  11. @bacchante you’re just another ” winner” aren’t you? Sigh…another case of “you’re too dumb to get the joke”.

  12. ^ Perhaps if the joke was funny…

  13. like Lillian responded I am alarmed that someone able to get paid ($)4932 in one month on the internet. did you look at this page… can99.ℂ­om

  14. Hmm, nope beatusmongous, I’m pretty sure you’re just a dumbass.

  15. Fuck off, melissa. If you’re that upset that your little joke failed, maybe you should go away and read some more books on how to be hilarious.

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