Thursday, July 11, 2013

You guys…

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  1. If that falls through, she could always sign up for Big(ot) Brother.

  2. Smother it in butter.

  3. Paula Deen sounds like a fat person’s name. Is she fat?

  4. I wonder what ever happened to Paula Abdul?

  5. Marcella L. Mathis

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  6. #4 – While you were taking two steps forward, she was taking two steps back into her alcohol addiction.

  7. Ohhh…
    Poor thing.
    Does that mean she can make more drunk broadcasts?

  8. **Appearances
    I meant appearances.

  9. ^She tries, but struggles to stand straight up.

  10. Paula Deen has really white teeth

  11. Semen helps with that, no? If so, Paula Dean is okay in books.

  12. Let’s see… $19,877 divided by $75 equals… then divided by…

    That girl spends over 10 hours a day doing webcam porn! I’m impressed!

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