Thursday, July 11, 2013

None the wiser…

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  1. I hate british dialect with a passion.

  2. Too bad it wasn’t a Surprise Poopy. That would have been extremely funny if he really became a poopy pants while trying to get his revenge.

  3. But kid zombie, surely you can look past the dialect to enjoy the sophisticated, subtle humour that is innate to all Brits.

  4. The classic fart in the face!
    Barry, you man-child!

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  6. That isn’t British dialect that is just poor education! The story is so not true!

  7. If Barry had actually shit himself, I would’ve enjoyed the story more.Barry sounds like a real pillar of the community.

  8. Maybe Barry had already Shat in him pantaloons and the wee child was simply stating the fact. Or Barry is a douchebag.

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  10. or maybe, just maybe I’m Irish, we’re not Brits “Kid Zombie”…. and, AND it nearly was almost a surprise poopie, just about hot away with it! 😉 oh and “BIGDOG” what do you mean poor education? granted I said “me” instead of my and used “u” instead of you! hardly constitutes bad education!

  11. ^We just assumed you were uneducated because you thought it was funny to fart in some poor kids face. It’s not funny, you’re a dick. An asinine, complete and utter dick.

    Now go away.

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