Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not Sure I Understand Jason’s Logic…


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  1. Wow! This girl is embarrassing herself! It’s sad that people this ignorant are reproducing.

  2. Hey, natural selection! You missed one!!!

  3. Lmao at Lucrezia Buckle’up Broads

  4. Ya u shouldnt understand Jason logic becuase he’s a dead beat

  5. Maybe he will step up and claim it if she DOES have an abortion. That would be the right thing to do.

  6. I wish MY friends had status updates like this.

  7. *dies*

  8. So Jason refuses to take claim of the baby unless it is aborted.

    “Can I get that fetus to go doctor?”

  9. will he claim it if the baby ends up down the drainpipe????

  10. Lucrezia Buckle’up Broads?? hahahaha oh man i believe i’ve found a name for a future daughter!

  11. “I wish MY friends had status updates like this.” – No you don’t, because then all your friends would be dumb asses with nothing to look forward to in life.

  12. I vote for Brooke on the next VH1 reality flick!!!

  13. f*&^ me, this girl should have a hysterectomy. and dang, some guys will just nail anything… gross.

  14. Wait, there’s something missing here.

    “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

    There, better.

  15. The results are IN!! Brooke … you ARE the mother!

  16. i found Lucrezia Buckle’up Broads Hatfield’s myspace:

  17. loving it.

    my god, this is sad and so funny at the same time… i’m laughing and i know i shouldn’t.

    i feel bad… but not quite.

  18. If reproduction were dependant on IQ, humanity would have been extinct long ago.

  19. idiocracy here we come

  20. Anybody want to play guess a race?

  21. Hey Randy, Fuck you! There have been plenty of dumb asses of all races on here. Lamebook is the Rainbow Coalition of r-tards. Please try not to be such a douche bag. <3, a Black person.

  22. ;\ if the shoe fits R…

  23. Well, I’m white and agree with R. When a white person on here does or says something ridiculous, no one points out their whiteness. Please. Be “on your grown shit” like Lucrezia, please.

  24. I want to roundhouse people who use the word “Prego” to mean anything other than cheap spaghetti sauce.

  25. @squidproquo I HATED that when I was pregnant. I responded with, “Yes Ragu?” every time. And believe me, for me that’s hysterically clever.

  26. @Lou Briccant – I think I just fell in love…

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