Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Rough 2 Weeks


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  1. wow. taht was a rough week!! haha!!

  2. that’s gotta suck

  3. “3 people like this”
    singele men are always hunters looking for an easy prey

  4. Thats pretty presumptuous, isn’t it jim? Turns out those 3 likes were from her friends, ya dick.

  5. ”3 people like this”
    could it be funnier ? ahaha dont think so

  6. Bwahahaa!

  7. What’s a singele man?

  8. This is why I don’t put my status on FB!

  9. OMG Kylie, there is such a thing as an “In a Relationship” status, or you could simply NOT INDICATE ANY STATUS AT ALL YOU NITWIT.

  10. i think Nick has to validate the status every time for his name to appear there…


    he is probably as confused as Kylie.

  11. It’s a shame they blur the surnames, it might be different Nicks.

  12. This is a fake, I think. Notice NO time stamps?

  13. fb nomore has time stamps so this might be true as well… but still..i really hope it s fake..for the sake of kylie

  14. @negya

    more like for nichk’s sake, kylie probably is causing all the trouble 😛

  15. this is the reason why things like facebook should not exist. Makes everyone too cavalier in their actual life.

  16. People like this are the reason you should have to be tested by mental health professionals before you can get married. Obviously neither of them is mature enough to be making such a grown-up and permanent decision.

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