Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cody’s Hairy Dilemma


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  1. i guess i didnt know emo people referred to themselves as such…

  2. As a bald man, let me just state for the record:


  3. Haha, this guy is awesome.

    P.S. I still love the “non-conforming conformists” episode of South Park

  4. “I guess I just have to face the fact that my hair can never be truly straight, just like me…Er, I mean…”

    Was that his subtle way of coming out of the closet? Oh wait, this entire post was!

  5. this is why I don’t accept emo kid friend request

  6. The trials and tribulations of Emo Jew.

  7. Charles Cavalier

    Self-hating anti-Semite.

  8. ok so far Lamebook has created 3 new amazing characters….

    The Ratcoon!
    The Pig Pocketer
    and now…. EMO JEW!!!

  9. The Jewmo?

  10. Damn, and I thought I had troubles.

  11. I wish my hair were emo so it would cut itself!

  12. Lame^

  13. i can’t believe it took 11 comments for the cutting itself comment! LOL

    i was really hoping one of-ahem-straight, emo Cody’s friends would make that joke, but i guess it was too much to wish for.

  14. Laughing Hysterically

    wheres the Pig Pocketer? i do believe i missed that one..

  15. Hahaha, what a fag.

  16. This is the best Lamebook ever.

  17. because ALL jews have curly hair.!.


    cody, stop trying to be a non-conforming conformist and grow some hair on your balls to straighten out.

  18. @Tybatwings : Pwned … nice one

  19. “who doesn’t love an emo?”

    i don’t think i can be the one to break it to them. someone else say it.

  20. I want these people to die.

  21. I love that Cody misses the joke when Alanna says, (quite cleverly I might add!) “Because your hair doesn’t want to conform?”

    “Conform to what?”

    Good job, dude. That’s like being a sk8er and not knowing what a half-pipe is.

  22. I agree with Celeste. It always suprises me when people actually call themselves emo, as if it’s a good thing.
    “I look like a skater, which is funny since we both share a common look” Yeah that’s, like, crazy funny. /src
    But I always thought a skater was someone who skates. I never knew you had to have a “look” similar to that of the common emo to stand on a board with wheels.
    This site’s cool and it’s this one I finally gave in and commented on, not because it’s the lamest or funniest to me but because it all wore me down to where I had to say SOMETHING. x)

  23. His hair rebels?

  24. This post really did make my day. And Cody, I feel your pain man, I really do..

  25. @ Jen

    Yeah, appears his hair really is emo.

  26. See folks, he died his hair black last weekend, so the problem is that it’s too thick, don’t you see?

  27. Let me just say this:
    I only signed up for a membership so I could comment on how much AntiValentine’s comment made me laugh.

    “See folks, he died his hair black last weekend, so the problem is that it’s too thick, don’t you see?”

    I’ve probably been laughing for five minutes straight.
    Thank you.

  28. Cody, we don’t want you to be Jewish, either. You’d disgrace us the way Barbra Streisand has.

  29. Actually I liked Cody’s second comment…
    “it’s emo, but not in the sense of what I want it to be”

  30. I wonder if he’s trying to get his hair to do that flippy thing, like that guy in that band

  31. ^^I stole my sister’s mascara now I’m grounded for a week…

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