Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Probably the Latter


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  1. I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

  2. I’m speechless as well

  3. Fail at Life.

  4. That is beyond disturbing and how is this NOT A 5?

  5. Can I be naive and ask what a fleshjack is — I am afraid for my eyes to google it.

  6. …I was wondering what it was too…don’t google it…just…don’t

  7. is a “fleshjack” like a “fleshlight” – those flashlights to stick your dick in?

  8. Hahaha why would you want people to know that?

  9. im thinking its a joke

  10. Liface….


    That’s about as real as it gets sister.

  11. He’s got no problem laying out all his business for everyone. This particular type of Lamebook entry is astonishing– but you have to give the guy props for not giving a SHIT.

  12. wot does ‘ldk’ mean? I’ve been tryin to figure this out for a couple weeks now. pls enlighten me

  13. idk means I don’t know.

    Those damn silent K’s must have tricked you.

  14. I’m not afraid to say this dude’s stuff pops up on my personal Facebook wall every now and then.

    Sometimes I wanna take him aside and be like, “Buddy, you know your mom, 3rd grade classmates and people just met and friended can see this shit.”

    He needs to take this shit to Twitter and hide it behind the most stringent private settings possible.

  15. Hahaha Walmart lube.

  16. This guy should be feeling pathetic.

    I’m sure everyone knows that everyone can see it when they post this shit. Makes ya wonder if they do it to get a laugh.

    Some are funny, and some are dumbasses (like this one).

  17. He can’t possibly be serious… no one does this and are serious about it. If anyone knows this guy please enlighten us as this is disturbing beyond belief.

  18. i’m pretty sure he left his facebook on and got pranked

  19. It was posted from his phone.

  20. It’s not a joke…idk why but I’m thinking of all you guys as i USE IT RIGHT NOW!!!

  21. Ugh. Look at the fleshjack site. Theres a bum and a mouth in the top right corner.

  22. Sad. If you weren’t so pathetic maybe an actual woman would let you fuck her.

  23. I almost peed when I read this… and then I almost peed again when Carol said ‘bum’. This website is so bad for me when I’m severely sleep deprived and susceptible to fits of uncontrollable laughter…

  24. haah fail

  25. haha, his last name is clearly parker 😛

  26. I just puked all over my keyboard

  27. OMG…why did I cclick on launch video???!!!!! My life will never be the same again…and not in a good way…eeeew!!!

  28. ahaha i laughed for solid 5 minutes at this… god bless shameless, ignorant, retarded and (probably) americans for hilarious posts like this one 😀

  29. and I just found him on facebook. so pixellate that name a little better please. and erase my comment and 11:37 before this kid’s life is ruined.

  30. yeah, he should feel pathetic… especially if he feels the need to let every one on face book know this. hope he’s not friends with his parents… hahaha!!

  31. fleshjack. who the HAIL gets these? http://www.fleshjack.com/

  32. #29- the man’s updating the entire facebook community about his fleshlight and lube purchases….what could anyone possibly do that he hasn’t already done twice as well?

  33. Beyond pathetic.

  34. I wish I didn’t now know what a “fleshjack” is.

    Oh Josh.

  35. i don’t even understand this! is this a guy thing i don’t wana know about?

  36. @35 – It’s like a fake vagina… google it, you’ll like it.

  37. Josh, Quinny was asking what ‘ldk’ means (that’s an L, not an I), so idk what that means…

  38. no wonder his face is so red

  39. I just accidentally a fleshlight, is that bad?


  40. @Radio, if there was a lame book for lame book, your comment would be in it. you should look up what a verb is.

  41. ROwdee hasn’t been around the Internet much, obviously.

  42. wow i didn’t expect to see this….i went to school with this guy! hahah

  43. @ROwdee – What Gazelle said. Don’t be a dick. Research the facts before you attack.
    It would only have been funny had you have seen, or read, the fleshlight prank.

  44. Princess Bananahammock

    I vote for pathetic.

  45. Princess Bananahammock

    @ rachel…me too

  46. @36…No…It isn’t a fake vagina. It’s a fake butt hole….

    I really don’t know whether I should laugh or go pour bleach in my eyes….

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