Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Someone Won’t be Invited….


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  1. The URL actually works. I can’t decide if it’s funnier if Przemek knew the website of a divorce attorney off hand, or actually took the time to find one…

  2. I love people who say what everyone else is thinking.

  3. There was a big ad campaign in Chicago that said “Life is short. Get a divorce.”

  4. This is AMAZING. I have wanted to post something like this on so many people’s walls lately, but not quite had the guts. This is why we need a “doesn’t like” button.

  5. i agree completely with Guy. my new hero: Przemek

  6. lol thats because Przemek is an atty and was just recently divorced. hahaha

  7. Przemek is my HERO! I hate having to hold my tongue about this sort of shit… I’m glad someone else has the balls to say it. We all know it’s true.

  8. I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand? What is the problem?

  9. that is HILARIOUS!

  10. blackmercury, Six months just isn’t enough time to know if you want to marry someone.

  11. Lol, If only there was a handful more Przemeks out there, Finally some cold hard truth…hes got ballz

  12. BAHAHA omg

  13. It can’t be hard to find someone who is named Przemek. and is from chicago.

  14. clearly przemek is not a romantic.

  15. Przemek was such a jerk!

  16. I feel bad for Cecilla who wants to be his photographer! lol…


  17. First of all, Przemek is an awesome name. Secondly, Przemek is awesome. Third, if you’re still referring to someone as your “baby girl,” you’re not ready for a wedding, regardless of how long you’ve been dating.
    Przemek, I would not like to marry you but I would like to take you out for dranks.

  18. Hey, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath got married four months after they first met, and look how well that turned out!

  19. You know, you shouldn’t write a status like that – I had something else in mind as the comments but they all obviously know him!

  20. My parents were married after knowing each other for 6 months.

    Not engaged, MARRIED.

    My fiancée’s father proposed to his wife at 2 months.

    Don’t make dumb generalizations- you don’t know the situation.

  21. naysayers are idiots

    My parents knew each other for around six months before they were married and have been married now for 33 years. I and my wife got married after knowing each-other a year and it only was that long because she wasn’t 18 yet we started talking about marriage after about two months we have been married for 7 years this november and have never even thought of divorce. Basically Przemek is an asshat and anyone who thinks he’s “cool” or “awesome” because of this without knowing anything about him are even bigger asshats.

  22. No, Przemek is a pragmatist who knows the chances of this lasting far outweigh the few anecdotes here and there of “how it worked for MEEEEEE”. My parents were in a relationship for six years before they wed and if circumstances hadn’t rendered my mom a widow some 38 years later they’d still be married.

    Besides, have any of you thought of how maybe Przemek actually *knows* these people/the situation really, really, really well and know that there is no chance in hell that this is a serious pairing? They’re not all haters, you know.

  23. diane MK II–> i totally agree

    p.s. im tots using that website somedayy :]

  24. They are getting engaged, not married. Some people remain engaged for years before finally marrying or separating.

    I knew my wife for about one month before we *married*, 17 years later and we are still together.

  25. Przemek is awesome!

  26. lol haha! what an asshole. classic.

  27. Przemyslaw FTW!

  28. Don’t be a pussy about it, that shit is funny

  29. I was engaged within three months of meeting my husband, married a year later, and are still very happily together 10.5 years later.

    Awesome call from that guy, though.

  30. This is plain-out funny, even if “my parents got married after six months!”

    It’s just witty. Stop getting your panties in a bunch, people.

  31. Przemek FTW!

  32. somewhereunderthesun

    Przemek guy seems to be a cool one. I would even take my lawyer to the wedding as a wedding present to the couple.

  33. Bart is a delusional, incestuous, pedophile.

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