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Brittany, honestly; you’re hurting your computer. Does your spell check not fly into an epileptic seizure every time you type a sentence? Let me clue you in on something, your spell check is not the problem, you are. Unless your computer automatically becomes fluent in ‘sassy bitch’ I don’t think the two of you are ever going to get along. That restaurant is really good though.

♥ The Editors

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  1. Yikes…

  2. English, bitch! ENGLISH!

  3. No Hables Ebonics…

  4. Awwww, man! It was all fun until Devin’s doubly-racist comment!

  5. you’d never think that a restaurant called “chicken & fish delight” would have the best lemonade

  6. Don't feed the morons

    hahaha @Devin

    Julie that’s not racism, ya moron! Geez, give it a rest!

  7. I don’t see how someone simply using the Ebonics dialect makes them worthy of lamebook, let alone Today’s Lamester… And yes, if you’ve actually studied anything about linguistics and dialects, you know that Ebonics is a dialect and not just “bad English” so get over your white privilege and grow up. Thanks for perpetuating racism Lamebook!

  8. no — that’s just liberals justifying to themselves and the world that a butchering of the english language constitutes a dialect…

  9. OMG Julie pull your giant panties out of your ass. Someone doesn’t understand Ebonics and saying so automatically makes them RACIST? Get a life you pathetic moron. It’s whiny little bitches like you that whine about racism every single chance they get that makes things harder in this world.

  10. Julie is an idiot and kn took the words out of my mouth and said exactly what I was thinking. And LOL Mandy I don’t understand it either.

  11. thank you, kn.

    julie, grow up, please.

  12. @rachel

    Ebonics is a dialect like speaking retard is a dialect.

  13. Does this mean I can slap people and call them racist whenever I spell something wrong? Or do they get to slap me because I’m uneducated?

  14. Calibeachballsurfdude98

    word I bin thar.
    Sik as FUCKK!

    soooooo dankkkkkkkie!!!!

    Fuckin Danky Kye!
    Moose cocksta in da eye like dat lemonayde!!
    Wurd to the fuckin lemon bird homies

  15. Whether or not Ebonics is a legitimate dialect is irrelevant because it’s not taught in any school so there’s no excuse for not knowing proper English. If there was a country where everyone spoke Ebonics and it was taught in schools then it would be wrong to make fun of them, but there is no such place so until that happens I (and many others) will continue to regard Ebonics is nothing more than slang and poor English.

  16. Quinston McCracken

    I’m pretty sure Julie was kidding.

  17. Ebonics was actually taught in a high school a town over from mine.

  18. This is now my Facebook status.

  19. the editors are so gay with their little bitchy, passive-aggressive responses…they can go fuck themselves

  20. all you honkey ass crackers are racist as fuck

  21. I hate racism but I really don’t think posting this was racist. It’s lame cause she’s yelling at everyone to go get some lemonade. And honestly what’s the big deal? This site is like 99% dedicated to making fun of white kids, but one post like this and Lamebook gets slammed. Lighten up a bit.

  22. CodyM u said it…..NEXT!!!!!!

  23. Hey kn, is it also the liberals’ fault you don’t know the difference between etymology and entomology?

    What a knob.

  24. why don’t you all just shut the fuck up and go grab they lemonades?

  25. uh. this site acts more like the “grammar police” than anything. this is probably the third or fourth “lame-ster” i’ve seen about the subject. i wasn’t aware that you had to speak proper english twenty-four-seven on the internet. let’s just all write out our shit in three paragraph essays, with correct parallel structure while we’re at it. let people talk the way they want to talk, and stop being so god damn uptight about shit.

    btw (oh my bad “by the way” for all you “down with abbreviating” nazis)i’m a journalist. i know everything there is to know about the subject. you, however, will never catch me on a soap box preaching an anti-ebonics sermon.

    psh. honky ass crackers is right.


  27. hahahahahahah bet they had some bomb cornbread and watermelon too

  28. oh good. internet arguing. that’s swell. moving on!

  29. “Wurd to the fuckin lemon bird homies” i never laughed so damn hard at a sentence before.. bahaha, nice one.

  30. Oh god, as a black man it offends me that ebonics is accepted as a dialect.

  31. Yay! Anger and Racism stretched out of a lemonade joke! Honestly, the segment i found funny is the fact that, “They food is what’s happening!!…THEY LEMONADE IS WHAT HAPPENIN!!”

    I’m sorry.. did we agree that it was the food, or the lemonade that was happening?

  32. aww damn I love her! I wants some fucking lemonades!


  34. i’m sorry, but she seems more awesome to me.

  35. Sorry rachel, it’s not a legitimate dialect. You will get absolutely nowhere in life using something as stupid as ebonics, unless your goal is to become a rapper or token black character on television.


  37. moooo!

    hahaha that’s exactly how i talk irl! THEY LEMONADES IS WHATS HAPPENIN

  38. Yeah, I honestly don’t think this was that lame of an post. I mean, my friends always joke about living in Kentucky by typing in a Southern Accent. I mean, I could totally understand what Brittany was saying, and she proved her literacy with her first sentence. She was obviously joking. And it’s not that she was all like
    yo me mah gurlz went up ta da new fud j0ynt uP in BeRKLeY. it name CHICKKUN N FISH!!! xxDEY LEMONAID WHER IT @ YO DEY LEMONAID WHER IT AT!!!!!

    I think she’s probably a really funny person in real life.

  39. this is not even that fucking lame? what the hell did she spell wrong? so her status is in ebonics? big fucking deal… no ONE sentence of her status.


  40. I live a block away from this restaurant

  41. Cziffra: so is “they lemonades whats happenin”?

  42. I live in this town. Yes, the lemonade is good (you can get it in different flavors – how weird is that?), but, strangely, the fish is NOT. Funny (?) story: my kids both went to the middle school that is a block away from this restaurant. When they graduated, the 8th grade dinner banquet had fried chicken, collard greens, & kool-aid. The principal is a black man, so I am not sure what he was thinking. The school is about 48% black and 48% hispanic and the remaining students are white and ‘other’. Maybe he should have also served burritos, chips and guac, and horchata?

  43. @42 “Funny (?) story.” The answer? No. Your story is not funny, and you are an idiot.

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