Friday, May 13, 2016


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  1. Yeah bro, shouldn’t date children, bro

  2. The little fat fuck with cardboard on his head looks terrifying etc.

    I guess this some nerdy reference I don’t get.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    Watch this be the last post ever to appear on Lamebook.

  4. Disturbed by the general image, but more so when I notice his hands. WTF is he about to do? Backs to the wall, I think.

  5. werty

  6. ertyuhiortyuiop

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  11. cravenmoorehed

    Staring at this post for 127 days has really got “We Ain’t Going Out Like That” by Cypress Hill stuck in my head.

  12. Staring at the comments has the “Spam” sketch by Monty Python stuck in mine.

  13. There’s so much more lame to be shared.. please, keep sharing the lame!!

  14. *plays Taps*

  15. OK, what’s everyone’s favorite movie? Mine is Dark Knight Rises.

  16. difficultchicken

    It is a toss up between Spaceballs, and the Princess Bride.

  17. I’ve never seen a movie that is as story driven or pays as much attention to detail as Backdoor Sluts 9

  18. The Lord of the rings trilogy will forever be my favourite set of movies.

    On another note, will this site ever be actually updated again?

  19. Apparently so! Still pretty lame, though.

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