Monday, October 12, 2009

Sean John Gone Wrong


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  1. BWAHAHAHAH dude sean tyler…really??? really? haha he says he is a new friend and then flips a shit. XD that made my day cause um how can he find tyler? and anyway thats what you get for friending random people. just saying…just saying

  2. this shits funny

  3. hands up who hates niggas who think they are shit hot

  4. Sean john is a disgrace to us blacks, he’s probably 12

  5. @ # 103…Seriously..can you stop grasping at strings, spewing your racism and horrible grammer?? Like honestly, just stop with it. You probably think being lame on lamebook is appropriate but it’s not.

  6. WOW… Way to go EBONICS :)… How do you buy a black on black Lincoln Navigator when you can’t even put enough words together to put down an application much less a resume??? “Is dat hoe u getted throw da skool hose is speallin like dat”? lol

  7. SJ has “proberly” learned some manners…but still…LOL

  8. hahaha

  9. LMAO… hilarious how some minorities call anyone who says anything disrespectful to them “racist.” Tyler said nothing about the fact that you were black “Sean John,” just that you were retarded… which seems to hold true. He called YOU retarded, not black people.

  10. Is like his writing a poem
    Very poeticy

  11. I’m only 1/4 black but I’m fully ashamed for our race. People like this are the reason that racism still exists.

  12. LOL PardonMySanity, you’re not black, you only threw that in there so you wouldn’t seem “as racist.” One black person is not a spokesperson for every black person in the world and there are NO excuses for racism you gigantic dickhead.

  13. PardonMySanity wasn’t being racist, people like Sean John there ARE a reason to be ashamed. And racism is certainly still around, so that’s that.

  14. Sean Johns skin colour did NOT:
    -determine his ability to construct sentences
    -Influence his judgements on how to approach ppl on facebook
    -demonstrate control over his anger
    so there is no excuse for racism unless you attribute levels of stupidity/twat (lol) to skin colour.

  15. Tyler-1 Douchebag-0

  16. I don’t get it, when was Tyler a “rasist” [sic]? All he did was point out the obvious

  17. The first person to pull out the race card is always the racist, and that person for some reason uses it as a fall back for their own insecurities generally caused by a paranoia that only those of different ethnicities than themselves can be the “racist”.

  18. I get what that Sean John dude is saying in his comment. Like I would be so embarrassed to read some of the shit I wrote on the internet 2-3 year ago! I can still hardly understand his sentences though! Boy needs to learn some proper English!

  19. SJ has not changed. The comment he made on this post was obviously a sympathy card he tried to pull. He then calls Tyler a racist for observing he’s retarded. Then, he pulls a verse from the Bible???

    “thou you did expose me like this does not mean i have to continue acting out of emotions or out of Pride!” – (WHAT?!?!) – douche bag. A round of applause for “Kareem Abduljabbar – Kemarc Johnson – Sean John Rocafella” whatever his name is. I’ll just refer to him (or “it” rather) as Retard.

    SJ, your grammar sucks you pathetic haemorrhoid. There is no room for sympathy let alone empathy. You invaded Tyler’s privacy and then threatened to kill her. You are the biggest fkn mullet. Ever.

  20. He must have shot his school teacher. He doesn’t know how to write.

  21. Has anyone noticed how he uses three exclamation marks ONLY? LMAO!!!

  22. Pity he’s changed!!!

  23. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    HAHAHAHAH Tyler’s sooooo cool…and yes, sean is retarded 😛

  24. PWNED. i love tyler.

  25. @SRJ awesome…one of the funniest things i’ve ever heard

    Tyler totally owned this guy, definitely retarded

  26. Tyler couldn’t have said it better

  27. @SRJ …

    i just… i can’t stop laughing….!

  28. so that’s a yes? (!!!)

    SJ just got, uh, “raped in his asshole” (!!!)

    Tyler deserves a BJ. (!!!)

  29. There’s something beautiful about annihilating someone with a few simple words.

  30. What a complete dumbass. I know this is really old, but I just came across it. This guy is/was a real piece of work. It goes to show no one has any accountability for what they say online.

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