Monday, October 12, 2009

That’s Funnie


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  1. I agree with the lady up top, and not because I don’t like splitting the bill–I’m not even comfortable with letting someone pay for me unless I really know them(guys, ideally, don’t assume she will, but if she’s says she’s going to split it DON’T PUT UP A FIGHT DAMMIT).

    But I would not pay my good money to eat Olive Garden food. Fuck that. If you want to take me somewhere with baloney alfredo or whatever the hell, I sure as hell better not be paying for it. Because if I had my way, I’d never step foot in the place.

  2. Old Nickelodeon was made for sex jokes like this ^_^

    now lets try Angry Beavers: 3…2…1…Let the chaos commence!!!

  3. Angry beavers is still on tv, they just renamed it.
    now its called loose women.

  4. I quite liked that nostalgia trip. Not lame :p

  5. Olive Garden, phhh.

    All the playas know you take your date to McDonalds and get a Redbox movie.

    If she doesn’t like you at Mcdee’s, she probably won’t like you at a fancy restaurant, either.

    And ditch the sweater vest, dude.

  6. lmao

  7. I may be old fashioned here, but if it’s the first ‘date’ and I paid for my own meal/movie/whatever, then I consider it to be two friends getting together for a movie, not a date.
    Same goes for the girls I know, btw.

  8. o. wee. o. killer. TOFU. YEA!

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