Monday, June 21, 2010


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  1. Um…what size cup?

  2. lol, my boyfriend also has his nice TV ontop of an old one.

  3. krasivaya_devushka

    The girl looks like a guy with huge man boobs.

  4. Granny technology, gotta love it.

    Last pic, there might be 2 cups, but it looks like more than one girl.

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    1 Girl, 2 Cups is nearly as troubling as 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

  6. Grandma’s TV set-up is awesome, I love that retro TV being used as a stand!

  7. My grandparents had that exact TV model! When it stopped working, grandfather had it fixed, rather than get a new one. We gave it away after they passed, and it’s probably in a frat somewhere being used to play disturbing porn at parties now.

    Speaking of disturbing porn; Rachel is just… no. Because, no.
    1. Why the hell would she do that, unless it was to frighten kids off her lawn?

    2. What the hell was she doing without a bra on those monsters in the first place?

  8. As a fellow fat kid, if I ever get drunk enough to do something like 1 girl 2 cups, I will KILL whoever posts it.

    That being said, I can’t imagine being drunk enough to do that. Us chubby folk should stay covered up in public. With more than plastic cups, I mean.

  9. Her cups runneth over.

  10. Wait, now we’re mocking the fact that young children can’t spell perfectly?

    That TV setup is pretty awesome.

  11. Ian FTW!

  12. That little daughters drawing could be accurate…we just never know! 😉 Maybe her pets name is Pot. HA!!

    And for the last one… She looka-like-a-man!

  13. Rachael seems happy with things as they are. And regarding number two; nothing funnier than ethnic slurs.

  14. Ah, casual anti-Semitism, we meet again.

  15. @nailbat: I am curious, did you pick your name based on it being an anagram of taliban?

  16. Ash...Housewares

    @Word…”Cups runneth over”. Very nice! .

    @Rachel: “Baby, you got ugly REAL fast.”

  17. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Little bit of sick in my mouth

  18. Ian needs to be in the FTW section for real!!!!
    As a fellow “big” girl no, dear god no….. Bleach my eyes.

  19. @dredsina

    36S (S for SAGGY)

  20. That’s Rachel’s profile pic??

    Yeeeikes. I mean I’m all for being confident at any size but, limits people! I guess she couldn’t see the line she crossed …

    And yah.. the Jewish jokes? Not so funny anymore.

    Grandma’s TV setup rox – I wish I had an old TV now.

  21. @Miss Shegas

    Probably because custom orders are expensive.

  22. Yeah… I just ate. I could have gone without seeing those boobs.

  23. 1. Ummm… OK. Is this NOT normal? My grandmother had the exact same set up as well as my aunt. We also had it until we got a big screen. When I was growing up, I thought everyone just turned their old TVs into tables. Well, the ones with the wood anyway.
    2. Jew jokes… eh. I chuckled more over the name of the beer than I did the comment.
    3. Don’t get why this is here. A child made a spelling error. It would be different if the picture wasn’t there or the pooch actually looked like pot.
    4. Could have gone without seeing that. I think the original was less terrifying.

  24. Now that’s good ol’ American nastiness. None of that outsourced shit eating for us. That’ll do, Ditch Pig. That’ll do.

  25. Those old TVs were ridiculously heavy. once they stopped working you pretty much had to either make a table out of them or just sell the house and move somewhere that didn’t have an old console TV.

  26. Ian’s a dick.

  27. Two cups one fail.

  28. 1st one, not a big deal. 2nd, meh. 3rd it’s just a kid. 4th fuckin EW!

  29. Nothing like bland anti-semitism…

  30. Holy crap! Until I started reading comments and went back up and looked at the caption, I thought that was a pic of a fat dude, not a fat chick. eeeewwwww *shudder

  31. Love this site? Check out

  32. i don’t get the little kid drawing, is it suppose to be funny because it says pot? ehh not so much.
    and jesus christ, i would hope if i were that huge of a lady i’d have bigger tits, not those nasty, fit in a party cup, man boob things…
    and the jew one is kinda funny,kinda.

  33. Why wasn’t “pot” corrected to “pet” ? What child would use the word “pooch”?

  34. 1 girl 2 cups… Eh, no comment! Wait, but I wanna comment! That ish is just nasty lol, and I’m sure there are some who have a fetish for such things, smh. || New tv/old tv is hella funny! || I don’t get the one about the 6 pack, anyone care to chop it up? -hides-

  35. They’re making a Jew joke, about Jews being cheap…real original and all that

  36. speaking of beer, this is a funny post about beer gimmicks…Introducing the vented-vortexed, cold-activated, shot-gun, beer-bong, blacd-out bottle!

  37. My parents used to have that same TV setup, except that was before the flat screens so they had a big heavy TV on the old wooden one.

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