Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Wins to Start the Week

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  1. BEN!

  2. Satchel, eh???

  3. Toadette is the winner

    A couple of these made me giggle. And yeah, I don’t know about Satchel. I think I’m just gonna name my kid Bag.

  4. hootie the blowfish

    Maybe he’s named after Satchel Paige, a famous American baseball player.

  5. or the dog in the cartoon Get Fuzzy.

  6. Satchel wins fair and square.

    Joel ran a close second though.

  7. props to satchel and joel

  8. Joel was a win in my book

    And if Jacob spent as much time at the Gym as he did trying to define it then I bet he would be the World’s fitest man by now.

  9. Joel, been done before. Good answer regardless.

    Patrick, you are a twit.

    Nick was the one who came in Taylors mouth.

    Maureen, *yawn*

    Matt, that one made me laugh the most.

    Satchel, that was just awesome. You have the same name as a dog character in the funnies section on the newspaper.

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    As much as I enjoy Matt’s response, I am saddened at the high likelihood that Jacob didn’t get the joke.

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    I liked the gym one haha 🙂

  12. You know what Joel, I feel sorry for you if that’s what you think or are experiencing. Granted, I am not married, but I can promise my future husband one thing: our marriage will be filled with love and lust and lots of dirty, dirty wonderful things for as long as I have control of my body.

  13. yourinevitabledemise

    Right?? I’m with you, katypants. I AM married, and I figure why settle? The idea that once you get married you become this sad stereotype pisses me off. Ask me dude, there’s plenty of lust 😉

  14. “dirty wonderful things for as long as I have control of my body.”

    Then they become just plain dirty once you lose control.

  15. Hell yes, it pisses me off too. All my bf’s cop buddies always make comments if I bring him dinner at work about “watch how fast that stops once that ring’s on her finger”. Just because the rest of you are in miserable sexless relationships doesn’t mean we are!! Hell, he come *equipt* with lots of toys 😉

  16. @nuff LOL! I figure by the time I am that old, the kids will have some new fangled amazing drug and I can ask little Jimmy to go get some for Grammy and I’ll just off myself in the best way I can figure 😀

  17. why is Maureen’s post even on here? Its lame, but in a ‘I want my 5 seconds back after reading that’ kind of lame.

    Stephanie ftw

  18. Why is the girl in the American Apparel ad wearing a doily?

    Oh yeah, lol at the post and all that.

  19. I don’t understand why Jacob’s is funny/lame. Isn’t he just saying he’s trying to get muscle definition?

  20. nevermind im an idiot

  21. @leigh1985

    Would you like to go out for ice cream sometime?

  22. I still don’t get jacob’s post,not that i’ve mulled it over for more then a few seconds, if you have to think about it that much it doesn’t work.

  23. Satchel is the only real winner here. Patrick and (Hey) Maureen aren’t funny at all, while the other commenters are funny in the same way that a six-year old kid is a baseball all star for not striking out in a game of tee-ball.

  24. Satchel makes a valuable point.

  25. Love this site? Check out

  26. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Satchel owned them all I think

  27. Patrick is dumb o_O || Maureen,ummm… || Matt is really funny but I don’t think a lotta people would get the joke on the first read… || Satchel, LOL!! || Joel’s was also funny

  28. I think Maureen’s post was a reference to either Laugh In or You Can’t Do That On Television or both. Laugh In ended shows like that and YCDTOT had those dumb locker segments.

  29. The last one WINS.

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