Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WINSday Part 2

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  1. Haha. Good work, Michael.

  2. Michael wins!

  3. 🙂 Michael.

  4. Oops, I just realized there are two Michaels. I was referring to Michael #2 but Michael #1 made me laugh too.

  5. Michael(s) FTW

  6. I feel lukewarm about this round of lameness. Next please.

  7. michael #2 = awesome lol


  9. Maybe it’s the same Michael, just posting his best burns? If so I’d hate to be that guy’s friend.

  10. I’d hate to be Rosetta’s more!

  11. If that’s the same Michael posting his best burns, I’d love to be that guy’s friend.

  12. If that’s the same Michael, I’d hate to be that guy’s friend.

  13. ha ha ha ha…. I love Michael(s)! I like how quick he/they were with the come-backs.

  14. ROFL

  15. Hey Matt, you should brush your teeth after words, that get’s rid of the “raspy throat”. Maybe try a little gargle action?

  16. Bah, I was sat there for a couple of minutes trying to work out what Christopher meant… I thought he meant Jeff should fire the douche who wrote his status updates. Until I realised C meant scrotal sack… Meh. Wasn’t worth the effort.

    The Michaels, though. Pure win.

    @eenerbl: Gargle action before brushing or with the mouthwash?

  17. Lucinda should really dump her boyfriend.

  18. Christopher’s comment is tenuous at best. And I’m with Blue Smarties – it took so long to understand what he meant that it made it even more disappointing when I got it.

  19. I hope Michael (#2) has a novel on the way. Or at the very least, a rewarding career as a sarcastic English teacher.

  20. Rosetta should look on the bright side… she loses a friend but gains a fcuk-buddy

  21. @Thrilled and Bored – totally, sarcastic English teacher.

    I remember once when I was at school, my english teacher left the class after saying “Won’t be a minute”. She was about quarter of an hour and I had her up about it, to which she shot back “I said I wouldn’t be a minute.”

    Ah brilliant.

  22. @Blue Smarties: With mouthwash.

  23. celebrity look alike..classic

  24. Right on Michael.

    Lucinda 🙂 That’s a WIN sweetypie

  25. :L:L kevin’s comeback is wicked

  26. lol I used to live on the border of Lucas/Wood…road crews fucking suck there

  27. Kevin and the Michaels win!

    Rosetta is a Hoe Foreshore!

  28. hahaha a gay joke hahahahahahahahahaha

  29. well played Lucinda

  30. @16 and 18 How can Christopher’s comment be hard (…) to understand?? What else could he mean?

    I love the Michaels, too 🙂

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