Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rest in Peace?

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  1. you shouldnt laugh, but we all will…

  2. HAHAHAHA, sorry, is that Justin’s version of being supportive?

  3. I don’t really get Krystal’s one. Did someone ACTUALLY die or have they just quit their job or something?

    Hyde and Zeke – that made me laugh. Clearly it’s time for bed.

  4. Aww, poor Bobi.
    Bet Hyde had Zeke for a snack.

  5. They died–they died as so many of their generation, before their time. In your wisdom you took them, Lord. As you took so many bright flowering young men, at Khe San and Lan Doc and Hill 364.

  6. @gingivitas

    Looks like she found out he died… hence the rip

  7. Kill Krystal! What a piss weak RIP note!
    And I like the name Broad.

  8. I get that, but it’s such a weird thing to do, that I thought maybe she was just being funny in some way. But I think you’re right and she is just weird.

  9. 9th

  10. Krystal has been defriended with extreme prejudice.

  11. I guess I don’t get what Krystal did wrong…?

  12. Who the eff names their kid Broad???

  13. …wow.

    Ohhh, God… that’s awful 😐

  14. What the hell is Krystal talking about? Someone is dead (other then Zeke, which is just sad; and Michael, which does not affect me), who died? wtf?

  15. I'm Canadian Also

    that was a wall post by Krystal on someone’s (the deceased hair stylist) facebook wall. The new facebook doesn’t have arrows or the recipients name to distinguish wall messages from statuses.

    So: Krystal need a haircut, thought she would message her old S.B.(?) friend and then after sending her first message noticed that this person had since died… then wrote a quick, tacky follow up

  16. Thanks, I was very confused.

  17. Because the appropriate response to someone’s other half’s death is always “Dayyyym that’s a fine piece of man!”

  18. At least it’s better than “Ooooo baby, I bet he gots rigor mortis in allll the right places!”

  19. Broad FTW.

  20. Dead or not that dude in the last pic has major gyno.

  21. @ I’m Canadian Also: I think it is worse…Krystal is the hairdresser, and she is contacting a client to try and get him (or her) to come in again. Only to “OMG you’re dead, etc”

    @retorq: major gyo? oh, man tits, never mind..

  22. btw, s.b = South Beach? which fits.

  23. @gingivitis really???? are you that fucking stupid?? I cannot believe you had ask that, like how fucking thick are you?? You need a fucking cock slap!!! Yeah right across the fucking face, and you’ll like it because you’re a fucking slut. Then that cock needs to be crammed up your ass and then shoved down your throat to prevent you from saying stupid shit ever again! Biatch!!!

  24. I actually didn’t get the impression that Krystal or her deceased facebook friend was a hairdresser. The way I saw it was this:

    Krystal goes to their page, looks around at their photos and notices that their hair is unusually long. She leaves a post saying hi and asks if they’re still in s.b. since she obviously hasn’t seen them in a while, and comments on the long hair.

    Then when she finds out that they’re dead and gives a standard “it was great ____ with you, you were a great ____.”

    Maybe artist means singer? Krystal could be in the music industry and worked with them at some point. Or maybe he’s a painter and she was one of his models or classmates? It could be anything.

  25. Oh and sorry, omit that one “when” I wrote in the second last paragraph 😀

  26. Chill out justbeingmiley.
    S.B.- I immediately thought San Bernardino

  27. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again:
    Broad FTW

  28. @soup: While on the subject of Michael’s photo, I was watching something on Sky last night about where the legend of Vampires came from. Apparently, it all initially comes from a bunch of Slovakian peasants digging up a 6 week old corpse undergoing gaseous decomposition, where bacteria working on the tissues exude gases into said tissues. I only bring this up, because apparently it usually results in a male corpse exhibiting a huge (false) erection.

    I’ll leave you with that mental image…

  29. @justbeingmiley – thanks!

  30. @29: Well played. The one-word answer made me chuckle.

    gingivitis FTW.

  31. Do you think Shakilah thinks Michael is dead gorgeous?

  32. Gingivitis: win.

    Justbeingsmiley: Frodo.

    I also thought I’d missed out on a spot of GhettoSlangSpeek in Krystal’s blather about working with a great artist… I assumed she’d used RIP to their business relationship / friendship, rather than the guy was dead. Worthy of Lamebook.

  33. @Mercure:

    *was* – Past tense :p

    But yes. I think she does…

  34. *did – Bah.

  35. @Gingivitis: perfect lesson to us all on how to deal with trolls. Nice.

  36. Kristal – Sweety, pretty sure there is no FB in the afterlife. So your original, heartfelt and completely sincere condolences are probably not going to reach the deceased.


  37. @23 I guess I don’t get what gingivitis did wrong…?
    *notices username* oh… okay.. justified.

    sigh… please, kids, don’t at least show excitement upon finding the death of a person.. Most dead people lose their ability to harm or offend, so do harm and offend them not.

  38. Wow, what a surprise to see Krystal’s entry! I actually saw this on the profile and never thought that it would be posted to Lamebook!

    It’s funny though, this kid was a huge partier, and when he died his Facebook profile picture was of him holding a full, large bottle of Grey Goose in one hand and drinking from a red cup in the other. Most of his tagged pictures are of him drinking, or being drunk. On his memorial group on Facebook, even THAT picture has a beer in it. I mean come on, there’s not much intelligence on both sides.

    He was a photographer, by the way.

  39. His last status was Cant wait for tonight, and all of his friends were like YEAH MAN SICK PARTY!!!!

  40. Why do you people get so butt-hurt about Krystal? She asked someone how they’re doing, then a bit later realized (s)he was dead. Were you expecting a piece of brilliant poetry to be the latter post?

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