Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few PhoDOHs!

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  1. @ blue smarties

    The penny will reach terminal velocity long before it gets to any speed more than enough to annoy someone it hits.

    terminal velocity is the point at which the air resistance = gravities pull on the object… This means there will be no acceration at that point

    Oh and I have dropped a penny on the eiffel tower… Lost sight of it before it hit the ground… About as exciting as spitting off a bridge

  2. No, if the penny hits the cement, it’s useless, but if it hits a Frenchman, you will have lost a penny but gained a friend.

  3. Before the grammar police get me

    *gravity’s :doh:

  4. jake indeed needs to clean the sand out of his vagina

  5. The girl with the retarded dog has a weird, yucky boob, and I find it incredibly distracting…but her hair is amazing. Speaking of hair, I really don’t like Tammy’s haircunt.

  6. So, I made it to comment 101 before I finally gave up and decided to just put my 2 cents in. (Sorry if what I say is made irrelevant by comments 102-154.)

    #1. Yes, I take issue with his douchery in being a presumptuous show-off who holds people to his own twisted and unreleased expectations only to degrade them when they fail to meet them. It’s unreasonable and (I think) a bit mentally unstable to assume that everyone you know has exactly the same knowledge that you do.
    I also have an issue with it since I’m someone who hasn’t a chance to really travel. Granted, I don’t know Shannon’s background, but if I were in her shoes I’d wind up offended because being able to identify that sort of photo caption-free is the sort of thing you could only do if you’ve had the chance to travel and see it. For those of us who don’t get that opportunity, it’s a smack in the face to be talked down to because of it. Plus, why the hell does Jake get to do it when he clearly doesn’t deserve to?

    In regards to the accent debate, I think it’s worth taking into account that even though the U.S. is separate in regards to accents and culture, it’s still a unified government system. The states have separate identities, but we’re all relating back to the same government and country. I think Americans consider themselves Americans far more than Europeans consider themselves Europeans. As someone said before, they much more commonly relate to their country of origin. There’s some technicality to be noted with the fact that Americans isn’t the continental term, it’s the country’s. North Americans include Canadians and Mexicans. I would take much more of an issue with being grouped together with North Americans, much as I imagine it is for Europeans. I identify much more strongly with my country than my continent.

    ..just something to consider. :]

  7. that dog is adorable. I love it.. wish I could get my dog to make a face like that.

  8. By #1, I of course meant #2.
    Go me.

  9. Uh, Jake? If it’s such a serious matter, maybe we don’t include that particular photo in a journal entitled “A Splash of Europe.” Dick.

  10. I think Jake is a fucking moron. I mean really… “A Splash of Europe”? It’s been 70 fucking years since the Holochaust. For fuck’s sake:
    1. Stop guilt tripping people for something that happened 2 generations and a half ago.
    2. Don’t post serious or “touchy” shit on facebook and certainly NOT without a caption.
    3. ENTIRE CIVILIZATIONS were lost to wars, much bigger in size and population, in the entire history of human kind. Jews weren’t the only ones killed off like dogs, as a matter of fact, that’s a custom for any conquering civilization, to kill off their victims and strike terror in them. You don’t see Persians making crappy ass movies about it and winning oscars because it’s “politically correct” to go along with them, just because Alexander The Great conquered them and burnt down their capital.

  11. Rodo, you are a complete asshole. Of course the Jews weren’t the only ones killed in the Holocaust, but the scars are still with us. You really have no right to an opinion about the Holocaust (or “Holochaust”) if you can’t even fucking spell it. I hope you fucking die.

  12. Because everything in Europe is Holocaust related

  13. I agree with Rodo, and STFU “JoannaNeedsMeds”. You don’t see movies about how London is being taken over by Muslims who still hate the Western World, but that’s life.

  14. I thought it was a canvas stretcher that someone had urinated on – hence ‘a Splash of Europe’.

  15. wow didn’t shannon’s harmless comment stir up some emotion.. yet i read earlier today a girl stating her ideal match being hitler with zero backlash.. this is a tongue in cheek site, the comments don’t need to be over analysed like you’s are writing a fucking thesis or some shit.. but i guess if the #1 comment is from a misguided killjoy with no real grasp or understanding of people(@pennylane) then this was bound to happen.. especially when you get a site with a group of people who like to feed their ego’s by writing semi-intelligent semi-eloquent comments that they think will make people go wow this guy is much smarter than me wow what insight i’ve gained from reading their comments blah blah blah..

    aww jees, maybe i fit in that catagory too..

  16. Eh, sometimes I bleed to dead too.

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