Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workin’ the D into Douchebag

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  1. Nothing lame here, just a couple of dudes…working out…taking photos and posting on facebook…yep nothing lame here.


    And I am a follower of yaya’s rule of dating. I also like the feeling of being smaller than my boyfriend, is that weird?

  2. @ yaya

    Dont blame me for biking… I dont even own one… I’m a boxer guy and bike seats and boxer guys dont mix

    I got a polo for your marco 😉

  3. I’ve just been down the gym and wanted to get really buff so I thought I’d give the crossfit thing a go. Unfortunately they didn’t have any small children in the weights rack, so I thought I’d try standing in the middle of the room, holding my balls and pointing at people.

    Crossfit’s shit. I got thrown out of the gym after five minutes. And I still don’t look buff 🙁

  4. @slimjayz

    Fish out of water!

  5. I don’t know… in my opinion it is the epitome of lame.

    But thats just me.

    I mean it’s one thing to want to be fit and look good but there’s a whole other level of stupidity out there which I think is perfectly displayed in this series of pics.

  6. @dood

    You’re probably some fat net surfer who despises fitness. There is nothing wrong with the set of pictures with the guy displaying how to exercise Cross Fit. Cross Fit is awesome, I do it all the time and it keeps me in great shape. Try it some time.


    Some of these guys who train definitely can handle them selves in dangerous situations. I myself am a bouncer at several bars and am in them all the time and I do just fine. I’ll add I also like having the other guys who train like me on my team. I would love to be able to adventure into even more dangerous situations to est my self against the elements and intend to when I can afford to take time off work.

  7. crossfit does look just like that, it’s a killer workout… just saying!

  8. @Riverside

    Agreed. This is ANOTHER post related to guys with muscles. I don’t see what is so lame. And how does working out and having a good body make you a douchebag lamebook? I am very interested in new workout techniques and positions so I can actually get some damn muscles.

  9. “And he grew some nice boobs!”
    (paraphrase from Robin Hood, Men In Tights)

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