Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Perfect Pair

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  1. CommentsAtLarge


    And this Wedding shall go down in the anals of history, I’m sure.

  2. CommentsAtLarge


    grr premature capitalization

  3. Say hello to the new Mrs. Brown-Dick. that’s just not a name I would think anyone would want.

  4. Eh.

  5. half of this celebrated wedding couple sounds like something from the anus of history.

  6. oh dear god….their poor poor offspring, little ‘Love’ and ‘Suck’ are in for a world of pain….

  7. I just hope they don’t have a kid who grows up to be huge and gets the clever nickname “tiny”

  8. I’ve had a crappy day, but the Brown-Dick’s nuptials have cheered me up! Thank you!

  9. @meh Nothing like what poor little “Eat” is in for…

  10. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I wonder what that picture is from.. a tshirt perhaps? If so I want one.

  11. At least Miss Dick never married Mr Fuller – Fuller-Dick

  12. @ Emma Royds hahaha “Eat Brown-Dick, get inside and clean your room”.

  13. does anyone notice that the girl commenting on this is named…. EMMA ROYDS… haha yeah say that three times fast dont put any brown dick wedding parts near her!!

  14. Where I’m from, there was a Constant-Head wedding a couple years ago! Beat that.

  15. and uh dont worry the brides first name is eat.. not the kid so now on facebook she is reffered to as eat brown- dick.. shame on me thats horrible… oh no its not its funny

  16. With Constant-Head, there’s no need to beat that.

  17. They could call their daughter Ada and she’s be set for life.

  18. She’d** damn iPhones!

  19. I once heard of the Gross-Nadrash wedding… I think that takes the cake.

  20. At least a brown dick situation can be explained away.
    It could have been much worse.

    Try green dick on for size.

  21. Hahahahahahahaha Ada Brown-Dick. Baha. Ha.

  22. Brown dick is disgusting.

  23. Oh god, they must have known….

  24. Lucky guy. My wife made me wait until the honeymoon.

  25. @Soup

    Hahahahahahaha brilliant.

  26. I don’t get it

  27. I wonder what the theme to the wedding is…

  28. lol

  29. Would be better if they did it Dick-Brown. It’ll make it slightly better. Unless they were going for the comedy shock effect

  30. kiwigurl, humor is lost on you

  31. one wonders if the dick was always brown or if that just happened.

  32. definitely going for the comedy shock effect. actually pretty sure thats the only reason they got married.

  33. @donsimon No I got it thanks but wasn’t sure if they were ignorant (doubtful) of their combined names or whether they were trying to be funny. I didn’t say anything about this not being humorous lol

  34. FTFW (for the fucking WIN) lmao!

  35. rofl

  36. I once went to a Gash-Payne wedding. Was the only one there who got the joke, and still forgot to take a picture.

  37. danieltunnard, I think I love you. Despite your terrible photo-taking skills.

  38. Ha ha that’s too funny! Yes, poor children! I couldn’t imagine having the last name of Dick. I just thought of another good combination…Guay-Dick. Ha ha, good one.

  39. When I saw this at the top of the page, I thought ‘brown-dick wedding’ was a derogatory term for a gay wedding. I didn’t notice the poster’s surname, but the fact that he wrote surnames in lower case made me think he was some homophobe who somehow got roped into attending a gay marriage.
    Forgive me Lord.

  40. Oh boy.

  41. The worst thing is, when they’re at a bar and someone calls for them, the bartender is gonna go apeshit on them a la Moe from The Simpsons…

    Especially if their first name is Isaac, or Yumi, or… Iluvtosuckfat?

  42. Oh dear lord…

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